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“If Everything Else Hasn’t Worked, And You Want To
Finally Succeed… THIS Is Your LAST STOP Where You’ll
Get All the Coaching, Healing, and Support You Need to
Create a Life of Total FREEDOM, Abundance, Joy,
Purpose, Peace, and True Fulfillment Today”

The Soul Family Program Officially Starts June 1, 2022…  Enroll Now to Get the Savings & To Also Receive the “Pre-Training” We Are Doing Leading Up to Our June 1 Start Date…

Monthly Membership

Pay monthly, cancel anytime. If you choose this membership you are enrolling for the Authentic Family class that begins June 1. You’ll also get “pre-training” before then to get you ready.




Yearly Membership (Save 58%)

Pay yearly, cancel anytime. If you choose this annual membership, you get Mandy 365 as an extra bonus ($999 value). It begins June 1, and you’ll get a video recording from Mandy daily for one whole year. 


$92.58 / month

Billed Annually (Save 58%)

Questions? Please send an email to: [email protected]

“This Is the PLACE Where The IMPOSSIBLE Becomes INEVITABLE… 
You’re About to Open a Door to Where Your Life Becomes
Magical, Filled with More Miracles, Abundance, and Blessings Daily”

The goal of the Authentic Living Soul Family is to quickly take you from surviving, settling for what’s available, and just “getting by” to THRIVING in all areas of life. Imagine a life where your past no longer haunts you, or affects you. Instead, YOU are completely free from it… leaving a space for you to create what you truly desire. It gets even better. After you get to a space of thriving, we’ll then take it to the next level where all you’re doing is ATTRACTING. That means you’ll step into the chapter in your life to where miracles and blessing just come to you, day after day.

It’s the moment from where you graduate from Law of Attraction, and you start embodying Law of Vibration… that’s when life becomes fun and easy. EVERYTHING, and I mean everything you need and more… just provided to you… before you can even ask. 

Sounds like a dream? Well it’s the everyday reality for a lot of people who we’ve helped… 


“If There Was Ever a Gym, Spa, and University For Your Mind,
Body, and Energy, Where You Can Learn, Grow, and Get Cradled
With Love and Support as You Do It, Then This Is It…”

Imagine… EVERYTHING you could ever need to thrive and be truly happy in life, all in one place. This is the ultimate way to support your spirit at the deepest levels. After all, you probably are the type who supports everyone else, and at the end of the day, who supports you? Who understands you? Is there a place you go where you can feel safe, supported, deeply understood, and LOVED while you fill your cup up, and grow in all the areas of life that matter to you? Welcome to YOUR Authentic Living Soul Family…

Get Access to All Our Best-Selling 30-Day Programs So You Can Permanently Rewire Your Mind, Emotions, and
Energy For Endless Abundance… Quickly! 

Our 30-day programs are known to change lives, quickly. Each program is delivered in daily, powerful, bite-size pieces, and designed to produce quick and lasting transformation deep within you. You’ll never be the same after each program, and your friends, colleagues, and loved ones will notice! Whether you want to learn how to protect your energy, rewire your mind for positivity, attract more financial abundance in your life, manifest what you want in days, bounce back from a a tough situation, or embody optimum wellness, we’ve got you covered. 

Mastering the Essential THREE Will Set You FREE…

There’s 3 main areas that typically hold people back from the life they want.

It’s either they have:

Mental blocks, Emotional Blocks, or Energy Blocks.

Once you figure out what it is, and more importantly, UNBLOCK yourself in those areas that matter, then what you want most in your life, becomes your everyday reality. 


Heal Your Mind: Rewire Limiting Beliefs, Overcome Negativity, Heal Negative Self Talk, and Self-Sabotage Once and For All

Your mind can be your biggest supporter or your biggest naysayer. When your mind is unhealed then it operated out of fear, programming, and limitations. So part of this membership is that we will keep working on your mental blocks and limitations until it’s completely healed… and all your left with is your authentic mind and armed with confidence, clarity, and happiness.

Experience Emotional FREEDOM: Free Yourself
From Disempowering Roller Coaster Emotions
That Debilitate You 

Emotions can debilitate us fast. If you experience a lot of disempowering, roller coaster emotions frequently then that’s one the things that can cause you to “over heat”, spiral down, and hit rock bottom emotionally. Emotions is also one of the strongest forces when it comes to manifesting as emotions have a lot of “energetic charge” behind them. It affects your vibration more than you know, and when you are able to master your emotions, you’ll feel a lot lighter throughout the day. This is one of the focuses we have in the Authentic Living Soul Family. 

Master Your Energy: Release “Trapped Energy” From Your Auric Field, Energy Centers, DNA, and All the Way Back to Generational Trauma”

As you probably already know, energy affects you more than you realize. Remember a time when you spoke to someone or encountered someone who was angry, stressed, anxious, or in a bad mood? What happened after? Chances are… you FELT IT… maybe in your stomach, your heart, or your head… but it affected you somehow. It doesn’t stop there… Sometimes you carry that energy throughout your day and it ends up affecting everything you do, and everyone you encounter. Now that’s just one tiny example of how a complete stranger can affect your life through energy alone.
“Every painful and traumatic experience you’ve ever had since you were a child had a tremendous energetic impact on you and it’s still affecting you, and holding you back…”
Here’s how it happens…

When the painful experience happens, the energy from that initially gets stored in your body. The initial energy that was stored in your body from these painful experiences eventually turn into energetic patterns. These energetic patterns keep you STUCK, and cause you to keep re-experiencing the same problem over, and over, and over again… because you’re unconsciously still following an energetic pattern that’s within you. 

When something traumatic happens, it affects us mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. Most of the time, we address everything BUT the energetic root… this is why sometimes people just can’t seem to find the answer or the solution to their problems… because it’s INVISIBLE! Unless you are able to remove the deeply-rooted, energetic blocks that are stuck in your body (sometimes on a deep cellular level), you will be stuck where you are… Your problems will keep reoccurring over and over again, and you won’t be able to fully move forward regardless of how hard you try…

Now one of the best parts of the Authentic Living Soul Family is that you’ll receive group energy clearings and unblocking sessions monthly… so you can release all the things that are holding you back energetically! And we’ll also teach you a lot of powerful techniques you can do daily to protect, clear, and raise your energy… quickly.

Transcend Your Human Story and Access the
Unlimited Creation Power of Your Soul Story 

When you live in your Human story, you are limited… because your human story has a lot of programming, pain, suffering, and trauma attached to it. It’s not the best place to manifest from.

On the other hand, if you are able to tap into your SOUL (Divine) Story, you are LIMITLESS. There’s nothing you can grow through and manifestations happen extremely FAST.

A lot of what we’ll do in the program is designed so that you can instantly access your soul story daily so you FEEL better and can MANIFEST faster.

“Hey, It’s Mandy Morris Here…”

It’s my soul’s mission to raise humanity to love frequency

I’ve been studying the science of manifesting, abundance, and love for over 10 years. And after years spent researching how to heal human suffering and developing innovative techniques for rewiring neurotransmitters in the brain to achieve true and lasting change, I decided to leave the scientific community behind and began to teach this information to anybody and everybody that was ready to hear it. 

Since then, I’ve helped millions of people from 60+ countries find true authenticity within themselves, manifest their deepest desires, and create deep & lasting transformation. 

And now, it’s my hope that I can help you too…

How It Works…

When you sign up now, you’ll be a part of our “PILOT PROGRAM” and that’s why you’re getting access to this membership at such a deeply discounted rate. 

When you enroll today, you’ll get access to our private community immediately. This is where we will do all the “PRE-TRAININGS” that get you ready for our June 1 start date. This is when everything begins… and today until then, we will be building the foundation to make sure you are prepared to run with us when we start June 1. 

What You’ll Get As Part of the Soul Family…

  • Access to all our 30-day programs: this is like Netflix for your soul. When you are a part of the soul family you have access to ALL our 30-day transformational programs that will help you rewire your mind, heart, and energy for abundance and success. 

  • Group Energy Healings: Every month you’ll receive a group clearing, unblocking, or activation session that will help release all the energy blocks holding you back from the life you want. 

  • Group Intuitive Card Readings: We bring to you our trusted intuitive readers (that we personally use) who will do intuitive group readings to bring you more clarity, guidance, and assurance. 

  • Group Coaching Sessions: You’ll get group coaching sessions monthly that will dive deep into powerful topics that are relevant and help you breakthrough and move forward with ease, 

  • Private Online Community and Support Group: This is one of the most powerful ways to stay motivate and grow. You’ll be part of an online, loving, and supportive community who will be there for you, motivate you, understand you, and help you become the best version of yourself 

  • 20-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching: You’ll get 1-on-1 support every single month to help you remove any mental and emotional blocks and help you implement what you learn 

  • Surprise Bonus Sessions: We’ve got a lot of exciting and amazing bonuses lined up – and these surprises alone will be worth the price of admission 🙂

  • Weekly Affirmations: You’ll get weekly affirmations that are proven and tested to work 

  • Powerful Meditations: You’ll get potent and powerful Meditations that will help raise your vibration, remove any blocks, or bring about deep peace and calm.

  • Downloadable Checklists & PDFs: You’ll get downloadable resources that will help you retain everything you learn in the membership

  • And more
You’re Protected With Our Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee
Look this a powerful life-changing program…
So I only want people in there who will go “ALL IN” and really take this as serious as I am… 
My goal is RESULTS for you, period.
So if you change your mind anytime during the first 15 days of this program let us know and we will simply issue you a refund.
I only want happy and satisfied souls as part of the soul family… and the energy of the group to be at a all-time high during the event … 
Rest assured, I’ve got your back… If it’s not a fit after you go through the first hour, let us know … I understand and we’ll part as friends 🙂

Here’s the Key That Unlocks the Door… And Everything on the Other Side is EVERYTHING You’ve Ever Wanted and More… Are You Ready?

This is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself in 2022… and I promise that if you apply what you learn, you’ll be the happiest and most abundant person you’ll know.

People around you will notice it.

You’ll notice it.

You will feel it.

You will finally get “THERE”…

There being a place of magic, opportunity, life purpose and synchronistic magic.

Are you ready?

I can only show you the door…

And here’s the key…

What you do next… is up to you…

But if you open the door, I promise, life will never be the same… in all of the most amazing ways possible…

And I can’t wait to see you there…

If you’re ready… I want to invite and welcome you into the Authentic Living Soul Family below….


This Special Discount and Offer Is Available For…


Monthly Membership

Pay monthly, cancel anytime. If you choose this membership you are enrolling for the Authentic Family class that begins June 1. You’ll also get “pre-training” before then to get you ready.




Yearly Membership (Save 58%)

Pay yearly, cancel anytime. If you choose this annual membership, you get Mandy 365 as an extra bonus ($999 value). It begins June 1, and you’ll get a video recording from Mandy daily for one whole year. 


$92.58 / month

Billed Annually (Save 58%)

Questions? Please send an email to: [email protected]

And in case no one has told you today,
I love you…


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