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IMPORTANT: Emails will be coming from Soul Family and also Mandy Morris so make sure you keep an eye out for both! Also, charges on your card will be under Authentic Living or Mandy Morris (our parent company)… So when you see that charge on your statement, please know it’s us.


Step 1

Join the private
Facebook group for the Authentic Living “Soul Family” Below.

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After you join, make sure to introduce yourself, share your story, and what your biggest
intentions/goals are.

Step 2

Your membership site with access to all future content and training is:


Your username and password has been emailed to you. The email is from SOUL FAMILY. Please check spam or junk folder. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes for an email to show up.

Step 3

Circle this DATE on your calendar and make a note of it. You’ll look back on this date in the future and think “That’s when it all began”. This is where everything changes for the better and we’re glad to be here supporting you through your journey.

If you have any questions, please message: [email protected]

STEP 4: Want to Discover Your Purpose Work and Step Into Your Calling? Watch The Video Below to Learn About Becoming a Certified Life Coach... So You Can Get Paid to Change People's Lives...

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