Here’s Your 5 Meditations For Manifesting Faster and Event Replays


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If you upgraded and purchased the energy clearing and attunement experience, you’ll have that information sent to you via email. 

Below are your 5 meditations for manifesting faster (and I threw in 5 bonus training videos as well).

And since you purchased this upgrade, you’ll also get life-time access to the event recordings (They will be uploaded on this page after the event).

And in case no one has told you today,

I love you!

Training #1: Addressing Scarcity Mindset

Meditation #1: Releasing Scarcity and Attracting Abundance

Training #2: The Power of Self Care

Meditation #2: The Self-Care Meditation

Training #3: Discovering Your Divine Story

Meditation #3: Affirming Your Divine Story

Training #4: Abundance in All Areas

Meditation #4: Attracting Abundance in All Areas of Life

Training #5: Abundance Mindset

Meditation #5: Accelerating Abundace

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