Here's Your Next Step...

During 3-Day Raise Your Vibration, you broke through limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and unlocked a brand new version of you…

And life will never be the same!

We can’t express enough how grateful we are to witness so many lives being changed – it was an unforgettable experience that left many feeling inspired, empowered and motivated.

We hope you took away just as much from this amazing journey as we did through the joy of helping others along their paths.

Take a moment to get back in peak state, remember how you felt during your event – and while your experience is fresh in your mind….

I wanted to share something important with you…

After the event, we received several emails from people who were wondering: “What’s next?”, “What can I do to get to the next level”, “How can I continue growing with you guys?”…

If you’re reading this… you are probably thinking of Soul University as the next step.

Or, if Soul University is currently out of reach, and you just want a program that you can do to continue the momentum…

Either way, we got you covered in this email… so please read this until the end.

Question #1: "Is It Too Late To Join Soul University?"

We get this question a lot…

The answer is NO, it’s NOT too late.

If you’re thinking about enrolling in Soul University, you have until Thursday, January 19, at 11:59 PM eastern time, to join at the special event-only price.

After that, the Soul University special offer is gone.

If you still have questions about Soul University, here’s your chance…

Today, Tueday, January 17, at 12:00PM pacific time / 3:00 PM eastern time, my team and I will be answering all of your questions LIVE.

If you are needing some guidance or just want some guidance on taking the next step, come join in our LIVE Q&A!

Here's how you can join me LIVE TODAY:

Step 1. (IMPORTANT) Read this Soul University Handout 

Step 2. (IMPORTANT) Watch this video that goes over the Soul University Program

Step 3. Click on the ‘Talk To A Soul University Program Expert’ button on your dashboard today at 12:00PM pacific time / 3:00 PM eastern time

(Enter the email you use to purchase the 3-day event and use the password ‘manifestnow’)

If you’re all in and ready to take the make a deposit towards Soul University, then Click Here and Make a Deposit Now.

Question #2: "I Can't Do Soul University, Is There Something Else 
I Can Do To Go Deeper in My Manifesting Journey?"


We realized that not everyone might be able to join us in Soul University… and that’s okay… so we are putting together an 8-week program specifically designed for just MANIFESTING.

Think of it as an Advanced Manifesting Course...

The MASTERY level of manifesting…

It’s called Quantum Creation 8-Week Immersion Experience

This is the deepest dive to manifesting that we’ve ever done.

We won’t be holding anything back with this course.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be a Master Manifestor…

So here’s some deets on the program…

We will be doing the program LIVE starting in January… it’s perfect for the New Year momentum… specially if you want to make sure you’ve got all the support you need to manifest everything you want in 2023.

This program is a much deeper dive into further removing any lingering blocks in your mind, emotions, and energy that are stopping you from experiencing the life you’ve always wanted.

In this program you’ll also be receiving powerful group healing and clearing sessions to further remove any energetic blocks you have towards abundance.

And I will be sharing some very advanced manifesting principles that we’ve never shared publicly before.

This is a program like no other, and since it’s the PILOT version… it’s deeply discounted as well for the next 48 hours.

Regardless of whether or not you join us in Soul University, Quantum Creation, or decide to start with just one of the certification programs, THANK YOU!

Thank you for putting your trust us, for showing up and playing full out with us.

And thank you in advance for taking the time to help us change more lives in the future.

In case no one has told you today,

I love you


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