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Authentic Creation

The Authentic Creation program is a daily guide to discovering YOUR authentic self in 30 days. Its built for busy individuals and the content is impactful but concise, digestible, and life-changing. You will learn the 4 steps to rapid manifestation and receive over 50+ plus hours of additional trainings, and be a member of a lifelong soul family community filled with certified coaches, as well as fellow program goers. We lovingly guide you through why you are counter manifesting, how to manifest consciously, and how to amplify your manifesting abilities from your newly built concrete foundation – using science, psychology, and universal power

Health for Higher Consciousness!

A 3-week dive into the unknown factors, the belief system shifts, and the actionable steps to creating a trilogy of health for higher consciousness. It is in understanding the relationship we have with our sprit, mind, and environment that we can positively shift our body and self-image.

EME Intergration Practitioner Certification Program

Are you ready to take what you’ve learned from Authentic Living and bring into your own coaching or therapy practice? Learn the methods Mandy Morris used to break through beliefs, root issues, dissolve patterns as a result of trauma and how to reach an entirely different level of connection with your client through love and embodiment. Click to join the waitlist and be notified when the next program is open!

Mandy 365

Mandy 365 is a year long journey where Mandy dives deep into a key topic each week! You receive a weekly workbook, weekly meditation, and daily videos for an entire year.

Meet Our Love & Authenticity Practitioner

This is the ULTIMATE growth experience for those craving TOTAL ABUNDANCE that lasts a lifetime…


Niki Woods

Offering healing perspectives to those seeking to return to a place of peace.

Caitlin Sikora

We are light beings living in a heavy world. I believe my purpose work during the time I have on earth is to help provide loving guidance to those who need it.

Armida Abreu Martinez

Empowering women to heal, connect, and build happy and healthier relationships.

Connie Davis

Our human journey was designed to create with love & abundance. I would love to help you renovate your personal creation studio! It’s never too late to dream, create and imagine a new life path!

Dawn Ventura

I offer you the space within my heart as a safe place to be heard and guided to the answers that lay within. Let’s combine our energies and work together to move forward.

Linda Hoyt

We all have the power to heal ourselves, but we sometimes lack the connection to do so. I want to help people remember how to connect with themselves so they can live the life they’ve always wanted and heal themselves from the pain the world has created for them.

Mandy's Book

Imagine opening the pantry door, with shelves of goodies in front of you. You want something, but you need the step stool to get it. Do you have to stretch uncomfortably and almost lose your balance to get your treat? Or do you confidently step up, grab what is yours, and tipping over doesn’t even cross your mind?

See, finding your authentic self makes life steady in that sense, and if you use love to uncover it?! You’re set for epic living. When you operate from a state of authenticity you become a direct link to what also coexists on the same plane as you.

This book was lovingly written to not only build the foundation of finding, and existing in your truth, but how to find happiness and excitement in life easily. It’s practical, and immediately applicable while giving you every possible tool to sustain your truths, and continue to expand beyond into your most ideal self. All while keeping your centeredness.

I hope you decide to shed the skin you’ve calloused around your biggest and, at times, scariest strengths.

And in case no one has told you today,

I love you

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