Healing Day Aug 31

Join Oliver Niño for a transformative 1-day event designed to empower empaths. Learn to harness your sensitivity, protect your energy, and connect with a supportive community. Upgrade to VIP for exclusive Q&A sessions. Let’s thrive together!


Aug 31

10 AM PT /1 PM ET Daily

2.5 Hours

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Dive Deeper with These Handpicked Resources (Please Watch Today)

Resource #1: Who is the Spiritual Activator? Watch To Learn More

Curious about who’s guiding you through this special Healing Day Experience? Watch this video to uncover the journey, insights, and the transformative impact behind the name and see what makes this journey so special.

Resource #2: What To Expect For Your First Energy Clearing Session

New to energy clearing? This resource is tailored for you. Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and ways to enhance your experience during your first energy clearing session.

Resource #3: Grab a copy of my book “The Spiritual Activator” now

Delve into deeper knowledge and practices by grabbing your copy of “The Spiritual Activator”. It’s more than a book; it’s a guide to unlocking your spiritual potential and embracing a higher vibration.

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