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Accelerate Your Healing Journey with the "Accelerated Healing Bundle" – Special Only-Challenge Offer

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Thrive as an Empath – June 7-9

Join Oliver Niño for a transformative 3-day event designed to empower empaths. Learn to harness your sensitivity, protect your energy, and connect with a supportive community. Upgrade to VIP for exclusive Q&A sessions. Let’s thrive together!


June 7-9

10 AM PT /1 PM ET Daily

2.5 Hours Each Day

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What’s Included in Your VIP Upgrade?

  • Priority Early Check-In
  • Lifetime Replay Access to all 3 Days
  • Exclusive VIP Zoom background
  • Exclusive Q&A Sessions with The Spiritual Activator, Oliver Niño

Introducing The "Accelerated Healing Bundle"

Are you ready to fast-track your healing journey and fully embrace your empathic gifts? The "Accelerated Healing Bundle" is designed just for you, to help you unlock your true potential, elevate your energy, and transform your life quickly and effectively.

What’s Included:

1. Healing Day Experience with Spiritual Activator ($997)

  • A full day dedicated to healing, unblocking, and clearing your energy. Release deep-seated blocks and elevate your vibrational frequency.

2. VIP Access for Healing Day Experience ($297)

  • Priority check-in, pre-event bonus content, exclusive Q&A sessions with Oliver, and a special VIP Zoom background.

3. 3-Day Unblock Your Energy and Unlock Unlimited Abundance ($2222)

  • Three days of intense transformation to protect your energy, clear it, and raise your vibration to new heights.

4. VIP Access for the 3-Day Event ($299)

  • Priority check-in, pre-event bonus content, and two exclusive Q&A sessions with Oliver for personalized guidance.

5. Pre-Momentum Workshop with Oliver ($1997)

  • Kickstart your journey on June 20 with powerful insights and preparation.

6. Post-Momentum Workshop with Oliver ($1997)

  • Sustain your growth on June 27 with follow-up support and reinforcement.

New Bonuses:

  1. 1-Day “Raise Your Vibration” with The Spiritual Activator & Mandy Morris, happening on Sep 14, 2024 ($1,997)
    •  Join Oliver Niño and Mandy Morris on Sep 14, 2024, for a transformative day dedicated to raising your vibration and clearing energy blocks.
  2. 1-Day “Raise Your Vibration” with The Spiritual Activator & Mandy Morris VIP Access ($249)
    • Experience VIP treatment on Sep 14, 2024, with priority check-in, exclusive content, and intimate Q&A sessions with Oliver and Mandy.
  3. 3-Day “Self-Coaching System” to Master Your Mind and Emotions, happening on Aug 16-18, 2024 ($2,999)
    • Transform your life Aug 16-18, 2024, by mastering your mind and emotions with powerful self-coaching techniques.
  4. 3-Day “Self-Coaching System” to Master Your Mind and Emotions VIP Access ($299)
    • Enhance your experience Aug 16-18, 2024, with VIP Access, including priority check-in, exclusive materials, and personalized Q&A sessions.

Total Value: $13,353

You can get all of this for JUST $497, or split it into two payments of $295. That’s a massive 87% discount off the total value! Plus, we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days if you don’t experience a significant shift in your energy and well-being. No risk, all reward.

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