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Learn How To Unblock And Transform Your Mind, Heart, And Core So You Can Serve People From Your Highest Self

Elevate Your Coaching, Therapy, Or Counseling Practice And Become A Certified Love and Authenticity Coach In 16 Weeks

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Oct 1, 2021






Want to Become a Certified Coach
and Change Lives?

This 16-week in-depth, and deeply transformational, program teaches you how to discover the root cause of life’s biggest problems and remove any mental, emotional and energetic blocks that are preventing you from living the life you desire. You’ll be able to identify and break down limiting beliefs and dissolve patterns that are present in your life as a result of trauma. You’ll learn how to shift disempowering and debilitating emotions into positive and empowering emotions and how to make “core” identity level transformations. 

"To the person who has always dreamed of creating lasting transformation & having a massive impact in the world…"

There are very few professions that are more rewarding than wakingup every single day knowing that you’re about to make dramatic andlife-changing transformations in the lives of others.
And if you’re the type of person who feels called to help people, then I want you to know that you’re a very special human being…

Because not everybody is called towards this higher purpose of helping others. But you are.

And deep down within you, you know that you’ve always felt this calling… the pull, the yearning, and the desire that there’s something more meaningful you should be doing with your life.

Maybe you were the child that rescued wounded animals and stuck up for the kid being bullied on the playground…

Maybe you’ve always been the designated “advice giver” in your circle of friends…

Or maybe your family knows that you’ll always be there for them, willing to listen non-judgmentally and offer a strong shoulder to cry on… 

"But the calling has always been there..."

To help people.

To make a difference.

To change lives.

And if you’re one of these people, one of these special souls whose life purpose is helping others…

Then I want you to know that you’re here for a reason.

You’re reading this for a reason. 

You’re here because you are destined for something greater...

You’re meant to do the greatest “job” in the whole world

A job that transforms you into a beacon of light for others so that you’re able to give them hope during their most difficult moments.

A job that allows you to give people the tools they need to become better versions of themselves.

A job that enables you to make an impact and a difference in the lives of others, helping other humans raise their vibrations and eliminate the root of all their pain.

A job where you get to help people discover their authentic selves and inner power so they can fall back in love with who they truly are.

A job that gives you the ability to help people overcome their biggest fears, challenges, and adversities in life so that they can reach their full potential and do what they came to this planet to do.

A “job” that pays you to change someone’s life, fulfill your soul’s calling, live a life of purpose, and reap the benefits of true abundance…

Have you guessed the “job” yet?

Yes, the job is becoming a certified life-coach.

And the ironic part is, that for those who are truly called toward this profession, it doesn’t feel like a “job” at all. Because it’s actually your purpose work and what your soul came here to do, it’s the thing that lights you up and brings you alive…

But there’s a monumental problem with becoming a life-coach in today’s oversaturated coaching industry…

Here’s the biggest problem in the life-coach industry today...

Over the last ten years, the coaching industry has turned into a multimillion dollar industry… Unfortunately the focus has become turning out bigger and bigger profits, rather than turning out more confident and skilled coaches. And just like anything else, when an industry gets big enough, ethics and morals start to fade… What I’ve been seeing more and more of in this industry are “certification programs” that produce overnight coaches with no idea what they’re actually doing. So they go out there without the tools they need to create a real shift or transformation in the life of others… And when they “fail” to produce a transformation, they lose faith and confidence in themselves. But the coaching industry doesn’t care about these failures, because they are too focused on getting more and more people through their certification. The coaching industry is suffering from a quality deficiency. So instead of caring about the success of their coaches, and having a handful of people who are certified with the confidence, tools, training, and expertise that they need to help others on a truly deep level… We have millions of people certified by a 1-hour webinar who lack confidence and skill, and are set up for failure before they ever work with their first client. The truth is, becoming a life-coach is not an overnight training. You can’t become a life-coach in an hour, overnight, or after an “interactive” seminar. Becoming a confident and capable coach means gaining true mastery over the specific skills needed to create instant and lasting transformations in the lives of others. And true mastery can only come one way…

The Key To Becoming A Confident & Capable Life-Coach Is Embodying The Work Yourself.

And this is what so many life-coaches fail to do… And consequently why they lack the confidence, skill, and expertise they need to create real, lasting, and deep impact in the lives of others.

If you want to change the lives of others, create big shifts, and massive impacts…
You first have to make the shifts in yourself.
And no, I’m talking about switching your morning latte for a mushroom superfood or making perfectly outlined vision boards…
That is the misconception that sabotages the success of most life-coaches.
Because their idea of embodying the work is focused solely on “self-development” practices, you know the ones…
Mantras, meditations, books, seminars – all of which are great, but they alone are not enough to create a real transformation that actually lasts.
Because these things are only addressing one area of our transformation – the mind.
Now don’t get me wrong, shifting the mind is a powerful, and essential, part of the healing process.
Your mind can be one of the biggest sources of pain, fear, struggle, and unhappiness in life.
And oftentimes the mind has been so programmed by society, childhood traumas, and limiting beliefs that it actually controls you and keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle of toxic patterns, lack, and limitation…
So yes, in order to be an embodied life-coach, you absolutely need to address the mind.

But to create a transformation that actually lasts you have to go deeper...

When you address the emotions, mind, and energy you are addressing the root to every problem, 

every limitation, every fear, and every trauma…

And that’s when deep healing and true transformation can really happen.

You can work on your mind all you want, but if your heart isn’t in alignment and the core of your essence
isn’t cleared, then you will begin to experience a massive internal conflict.

Unable to maintain your transformations or breakthroughs no matter how hard you try…

Which starts a vicious cycle of falling back into old patterns and “fixing” them again – over and over
and over again…

But it doesn’t have to be that way… and science can prove it.

When you shift the emotions, mind & energy, everything you desire in your life will come to you instantly and with incredible ease...

Because when you go this deep, you are able to eliminate the very things that caused the problem to occur in the first place so they never occur again.

Over the years of my extensive study and research, I have developed dozens of unique processes and methodologies that combine love with neuroscience, to effectively transform a person’s life for good.

This one-of-a-kind approach to healing has the ability to dramatically shift and rewire the neurotransmitters in a person’s brain, so they can achieve true and lasting transformation in as little as one hour.

My methodologies have been studied by top scientists, doctors, and psychologists in Norway, Sweden, the UK, and the USA. And I’ve been asked by countless Universities all over the globe to teach this knowledge
to psychology students and MDs…

But I stepped away from the promises of fame and success in the psychology industry because I didn’t want my techniques watered down, altered, or hidden from the masses.

Because I want to teach the world the truth about achieving instant and lasting transformation.

So I spent years perfecting my methodologies, teachings, and techniques and created a world-class life-coaching program that teaches people how to combine love and science to make a profound difference
in their own life, and the lives of others.

And I call this program The Love & Authenticity Practitioner Certification Program.

But contrary to most coaching programs out there today, my goal is not to train as many people as possible…

My goal is to train those rare and special souls, that are ready, how they can be the most embodied, effective, and confident Life-Coach in the industry today.

Ready to Create Instant and Lasting Transformation?

Hey, It's Mandy Morris here...

It’s my soul's mission to raise humanity to love frequency

I’ve been studying the science of mindset, abundance, and love for over 10 years.

And after years spent researching psychosomatic disease and developing innovative techniques for rewiring neurotransmitters in the brain to achieve true and lasting change, I decided to leave the scientific community behind and began to teach this information to anybody and everybody that was ready to hear it.

Since then, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people find true authenticity within themselves, manifest their deepest desires, and create deep & lasting transformation.

And now, it’s my hope that I can help you too…

Here’s What You Can Expect During The 16-Week Love & Authenticity Certification Program:

What Past Students Are Saying About the Certification Program

“I'm feeling so excited about all the tools I have learned to serve people in their lives"

“The Program has been nothing but enriching for me on so many levels, learning about myself, healing parts of myself, sharing my deepest thoughts and emotions with complete ‘strangers’ who make you feel safe, who don’t judge you, who support you in your most vulnerable moments and love you through them… I’ve found a complete new family of people, of soul sisters who speak the same language..and it’s been a wonderful experience. Besides that I’m feeling so excited about all the tools I have learned to serve people in their lives and help them change things they’re struggling with, nothing is more rewarding to me. Mandy’s methods are grounded in science, psychology and intuition and are the most solid way to create change in your life and others.”


“This program has truly been exciting, fulfilling, and freeing"

“This program has truly been exciting, fulfilling, and freeing. It has been a blessing in my life and I have met some really fantastic people along the way that I LOVE to call my SOUL FAMILY! I am exhilarated by helping other release old programming, baggage, and beliefs and see them begin to SHINE like they were meant to their whole life! I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to get reconnected with my intuition, to other people, and to LIFE! Serving others in this capacity is a FEELING like no other! LOVE exudes from ME to others and I see/feel it shining back at me! What an absolute JOY! I look forward to each and every moment! I AM BACK … intuition pinging like crazy, just BEING ME, LOVING every minute, and filled with BLISS! Words cannot truly express how I really feel. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!”


“The best part is that every message and lesson is wrapped in love."

“Mandy’s Love and Authenticity Coaching Program has been everything that I have been waiting for and so much more. This program has not only taught me how to take charge of my life but has given me life long tools. It has provided me with amazing coaching methods that I can not only use on family and friends, but can create a thriving coaching business while serving humanity at its highest. The best part is that every message and lesson is wrapped in love. I am deeply honored to be a part of this wonderful and beautiful love and authenticity movement. If you’re heart is calling out for more and coaching is an interest, I highly recommend this program”


“Having the experience of accountability partners was crucial for me to gain confidence and practice"

“Having the experience of accountability partners was crucial for me to gain confidence and practice.
To be honest, I mostly did this for me, but now I feel how can I not share this this with everyone!! So much love, so many shifts… I used to wonder ‘how’ a lot- how can I make more money? Be abundant? How can I improve my relationships? How can I heal? How can I serve those around me even more? Etc .. if you are looking for the ‘how’ – you’ve found it in this course.”


“I have raised my own vibration immensely because coaching others is so rewarding"

“If you’re someone who feels empathy for others and wants to help them rise above their struggles, but you don’t know how or where to begin, you are in the right place! At the very least, the program will positively shift you personally, as well as your loved ones. You can make as much of it as your heart tells you! You can enrich your existing business or create a new revenue stream. I underwent surgery at the beginning of the coaching program and felt I had to get to a better place personally before I continued, and I discovered that coaching others proved to be the best medicine ever! I have raised my own vibration immensely because coaching others is so rewarding. I am so blessed to be a part of this program and to get to know the wonderful pure-hearted souls in this community. Everything you do creates a ripple effect and you can touch so many lives with the knowledge you will gain.”


Are You Ready To Step Into Your Purpose & Become A Beacon Of Light For Others?

Like I mentioned earlier, this program is not designed for training massive numbers of people at a time.This training is in-depth, personal, and intimate. The deep level of personal transformation
you’ll experience during our 4-months together make this a journey that
not everybody is ready to experience.

The Love & Authenticity Practitioner Certification Program is only designed for three very special types of people…

1.) Those who want to learn the entire system so they can use it for themselves and never be “stuck” in life again, so they can start living the life they’ve always wanted.
2.) Those who want to be able to use this to help friends, family, and the people they love most.

3.) Those who want to get paid for changing someone’s life.

If one of those sounds like you, click below to begin the application process. I look forward to hearing from you and working with your light.

A Closer Look At What You’ll Get…

The program is designed to make you a certified Love and Authenticity Practitioner in just 16 weeks, no prior experience required.

At the end of the 16-week certification program, you will have all the skills and knowledge to create quick, profound and permanent transformation for yourself and for those you help and reach an entirely different level of connection with your client through love and embodiment. 

After you put the work in, go through the entire training, do all the homework, then you get your certification in the mail!

What Some Of Our Certified Practitioners Are Saying

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So the way it works is this.
The whole certification is done virtually.

The teaching, the coaching, everything is done on a week to week basis

The 3-day live training will be on October 16-18, 2021. We will be doing this in our new retreat center in Colorado.

It is where my team will be sharing with you “what’s working now”… show you our methods in action during a few hot seats, and answer some of your questions live and in person.

And if you can’t do these dates, don’t let that stop you from joining because we’ve recorded the “best of the best” from all our previous events, and as a remote certification participant, you will be receiving select lectures recorded from our live/virtual events.

Either way… you will get all the training – and learn the entire methodology virtually.

Training officially starts on August 4, 2021… (but if you decide to enroll now, we have some special bonuses that will get you momentum and results right now! So you can experience some shifts and breakthroughs way before the program even begins) You will get training on a weekly basis – and you will also get homework during that time as well. You will be a part of a private Facebook group where you can post questions and also be a part of a community of like-minded people who want to help other people like you do! The first 9 weeks will be all about you. After that, we go into 7 weeks of learning the actual techniques and tools to shift and help other people. During that time, you’ll get to do homework… be assigned an accountability partner so you can practice… and we will be able to review your results as well from your homework. On top of that, you’ll get pre-recorded Q&A sessions on a weekly basis, where I answer most of the common questions people asked in the past… .
That’s why we have 9 weeks where we focus on YOU first. So we can remove all the limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks that are WITHIN you. After that, I’ll share the exact methodology, steps, and techniques so you know what to do in any given situation to get the shift and transformation for others. All that combined, will make you ready…. So it’s normal to “not” feel ready… the program is designed to get you ready.
If you have 2-3 hours per week you can set aside for this, then you should be good to go… And the best part is you have access to the entire program FOR LIFE, so you can review the program over and over again even after you graduate and receive your certificate! So if you are ready to learn the skills to help people, and change lives, we have spots left!

Are you ready to step into your purpose work and get paid to change people's lives?

Become an Authentic Practitioner today!

And in case no one has told you today,

I love you!

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