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Activate Your Spiritual Gifts & Become A Certified Energy Healer in Just 8 Weeks

Discover and Heal Your Hidden Blocks, Activate Your Spiritual Gifts, and Watch Your life and The Lives Of Your Loved Ones Transform In Ways You Never Knew Possible...

An In-Depth 8-Week Transformational Journey On Activating Your Spiritual Gifts, Discovering The Power Of Sacred Geometry, And Awakening Your Intuition So You Can Have All The Skills And The Steps You Need To Create Quick, Profound, And Permanent Transformation For Yourself And For Those You Help

To the person who believes that Energy Work is only accessible for “experts”

I used to be just like you. There was a time in my life when I, too, believed that Energy Work and Energy Healing was only for the select few special individuals that were born “gifted”. 


You see, I was actually born into a family that was full of spiritually “gifted” individuals.

My mom frequently had dreams of future events soon to happen… 

My sister could heal people with just a touch…

My grandfather could communicate with spirits…

And me?

I was just ordinary. No talent, no spiritual skills, no “gifts”. 

And I thought that was just the way it was. 

Some people were born gifted. And other people were born gift-less. 

Until one day in Sedona, a little over 10 years ago…

When I suddenly received flashes of images and colors. It didn’t make sense. Blues and purples. Spirals and pyramids. 

I brushed the visions off as hallucinations. Figments of my imagination. 

But then, something strange happened… 

As I walked back through the nature preserve of Sedona and started to pass by people, I could see auras of lights surrounding them. I could feel the tension in certain parts of my body as I passed them. 

And I knew, though I couldn’t explain how, that the tension I was feeling in my body corresponded to stuck energy in THEIR body. Energetic blocks. Physical ailments. Diseases. Heartbreak. 

I could feel it all. 

And I knew exactly how to fix it all too. 

The truth is, that everyone is born with a spiritual gift. Everyone.

Yes, even you. 

But as the world became more and more Westernized, society began to place more value on things like medicine, money, and careers… 

And less value on things like spirituality, energy medicine, energy healing, and energy work. So somewhere along the line these skills were no longer taught… 

The wisdom was lost. 

Within this ancient wisdom lies the secrets to effortlessly activating your spiritual gifts, confidently performing powerful energy healings on yourself and others, and the power to remove large energetic blocks from the mind and body. 

And you don’t need to be a gifted or experienced healer to access this wisdom.  

Because these techniques are extraordinarily easy to learn…

Activate The Energy Healer Within You In Just 8 Weeks

Do You Know The Invisible Thing That’s Controlling Your Entire Life, And Keeping You Stuck?

Your energy!

As you probably already know, energy affects you more than you realize.

Remember a time when you spoke to someone or encountered someone who was angry, stressed, anxious, or in a bad mood? What happened after?

Chances are… you FELT IT… maybe in your stomach, your heart, or your head… but it affected you somehow.

It doesn’t stop there…

Sometimes you carry that energy throughout your day and it ends up affecting everything you do, and everyone you encounter.

Now that’s just one tiny example of how a complete stranger can affect your life through energy alone.

Now, here’s the thing…

Every painful and traumatic experience you’ve ever had since you were a child had a tremendous energetic impact on you and it’s still affecting you, and holding you back

That energy is still currently stored in your body, buried on a deep level (sometimes even trapped on a cellular level), controlling your life and your decisions in ways you can’t even imagine… WHY? …Because the problem lies with the fact that the ENERGY from those experiences you’ve had are still there, and still STUCK… …Deep in your body … And as long as you carry that energy with you, on some level you will remain stuck, stressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled. The truth is, that unless the negative energy is removed from your body, your problems will keep reoccurring over and over again… And you won’t be able to fully move forward regardless of how hard you try…

To live a more fulfilled life, you have to embrace, discover and awaken your spiritual energy and clear your energetic blocks, in order to use your gift to heal yourself and those around you...

Here’s how energetic blocks typically happen…

When a painful experience happens, the energetic trauma of it gets stored in your body.

If not resolved and cleared, the energetic trauma will eventually turn into energetic patterns…

These energetic patterns keep you stuck, and cause you to keep re-experiencing the same problem over, and over, and over again.

Unless you are able to remove the deeply-rooted, energetic blocks that are stuck in your body (oftentimes on a deep cellular level), you will be stuck where you are, and you won’t be able to fully move forward.
But it doesn’t have to be that way…

You can escape the toxic cycle of negativity, “bad luck”, health problems, and spiritual disconnect. 

This Is Where I Come In...

Because the truth is, there’s nothing special about me. I’m not “gifted” or “unique” or “blessed” in any ways different than you are...

I’ve just mastered how to heal, manifest, and thrive… by mastering my energy. 


And now, I want to share this knowledge with more people… hopefully you. 

To date I’ve trained 514,743 students from 50+ countries all over the world.

What Actress Demi Moore Says About The Spiritual Activator

The Fastest Way to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts and Become an Energy Healer

Here’s What You Can Expect With The 8-Week Energy Work Certification Course:

What Others Are Saying After Going Through This 8-Week Energy Healing Certification

More Transformational Stories from Certified Energy Healers Who Went Through The Program

“There is no greater gift than to be enlightened through a method that heals you and those around you…”

“The Geo Love Healing was an experience and education unlike any other. The knowledge imparted by Oliver Niño is precious in the way that it not only helps you overcome energetic barriers in your life but supports you in helping other do the same. 

There is no greater gift than to be enlightened through a method that heals you and those around you. Thank you so much Oliver for sharing this priceless energetic skill.”
Trish T.
“It changed my life profoundly…”

“The geo-energy healing workshop gave me insight into a bigger meaning of my life’s purpose.

Oliver Niño gave me a very powerful manual by which I could discover my own gifts and explore them. To be in a group-constellation accelerated my understanding of the great variation in how this tool can be of use for the highest good of all. It changed my life profoundly.” 

“I’m looking forward to doing many more healings…”

“While I was gone, my mother took a nose dive in health. I found out when I got back Monday night. She went straight to bed from coming back from the hospital, So I did a remote healing. She woke up with soooo much energy. It blew me away.

I told her what I did and she said she felt something in her power chakra late in the night. I cleaned all chakras but her 3rd eye and power chakra kept closing. There was a force of energy so strong come through me to her, that I knew it wasn’t me. I think I was surprised because I’ve always felt energy come to me but never through me with such force. I was also surprised my body/vessel could support it. Very neat.

I’m looking forward to doing many more healings.”


“I left feeling a sense of clarity and peace about my purpose on this planet…”

“My experience at the Geo love healing workshop was incredible and almost beyond words. This workshop helped me realize and embrace my full potential in this human experience. Not only are we pure love but our ability to manifest the life we want is undeniably ours.

Oliver was able to teach us how to tap into our most authentic self by clearing a lifetime of stuck energy that had been holding us back. We were taught how to lovingly help others release unwanted energy through a process of intuition, visualization, and love.

We learned how to tap into our highest self to heal for the highest good of all. This workshop was truly life changing for me. I left feeling a sense of clarity and peace about my purpose on this planet. I am eternally grateful for my experience and my ability heal others with the gifts I learned. 

Thank you Oliver!” 
Kristi Gorrondona
“You come away empowered, with a deeper connection to your intuition…”

Once the weekend got started any nervousness or doubt immediately melted away and I was swept away into an amazing experience!

Oliver creates the most incredible space to learn in. He takes you into different practices with no preconceived notions, then spend the time following the experience having the group share individually and explaining what they did each time. The group meditation we did BLEW ME AWAY, each meditation was different for me and I came away with tangible experiences that left me in awe and wonder.
What I enjoyed most about this event was learning that everyone has gifts and everyone’s gifts and abilities manifest in different ways. You come away empowered, with a deeper connection to your intuition and a bigger awareness of the impact you can have on the world.
I loved the experience and look forward to attending another Geo event – there is something truly magical created in the space coming together to learn, experience, and grow. And Oliver is an incredible teacher to learn from. I HIGHLY recommend attending a Geo Love & Healing event – you will be amazed at what you discover within yourself!
Meleah G.
“I was able to tap into a force that powers me today…”

I was a complete novice when it came to energy healing or understanding our unique abilities. I left that event with a deep understanding of my personal capabilities and the knowledge and tools to use these new tools to help myself and others. 

I was able to tap into a force that powers me today, changing my life profoundly.
– Tiffanie D.
“Not only did I learn my gifts, I found my heart and let it shine!”
Wow!! I was amazed!! 
Oliver teaches with such love and caring. His goal is for us to learn what our gifts to this world are and then how to share them. It was truly magical for me. 
Not only did I learn my gifts, I found my heart and let it shine! My life has been transformed by this event. I have learned new tools that I have also taught others to help them in their daily lives. My life and those that surround me are so much better today. Thank you! 
Jackie J
“I’ve gained so much more confidence in my own unique abilities as a healer…”

For those not so new to Energy work, I am an Energy Healer in my own practice and I was interested to explore other modalities. I really enjoyed learning and using the sacred geometry aspects with Geo. I’ve also managed to learn and integrate some ‘fine – tuning’ into my own practice since. I’ve gained so much more confidence in my own unique abilities as a healer since this workshop. It’s a MUST do.

Thank you Oliver I don’t think I will ever be the same again!
Mary Catherine Mcnena
“The energy was so high, I didn’t want to leave…”

“The Geo Love Healing Workshop has been the best experience I’ve had in years. It was so much fun.

It appeals so much to my nerdy, science side and to my total woo woo side.
I really cannot get enough…so looking forward to the Advanced program.
I was concerned I had no gifts, but I gained so much clarity that we all were born with gifts we are meant to share with the world. I have a greater sense of purpose now.
I am truly amazed how well Oliver broke everything down and explained everything so well. It was a great environment in which to learn.
It is hard to explain all I received from the program…it is so beyond anything I could have ever expected. There really are no words to express how wonderful it was…just WOW!!!
The energy was so high, I didn’t want to leave…I could have stayed another two days to soak up more info.
Great times, great folks, awesome program! Super stoked and far beyond excited!
Loved it…every single moment!
Love you guys!”
~ Shannon Perkins Ortega

Explore The Curriculum More Deeply

This 8-week, comprehensive certification program teaches you how to use energy to get answers from your intuition and guides, heal yourself, gain mental clarity, remove energy blocks, unlock synchronicities to tap into the effortless flow of your life. 

At the end of this program, you will have unlocked all the skills and knowledge you need to create quick, profound and permanent transformation for yourself and others.

Week 1: The Formula For Instant & Lasting Transformation
Week 2: How To Rewire Your Mind With Energy
Week 3: Rewiring Your Energy For Gratitude, Abundance, & Success
Week 4: What To Expect In The Activation Process & Pre-Activation Techniques
Week 5: How To Body Scan & Stepping Into Service
Week 6: Using GOLD Energy Activation Steps
Week 7: Advance Sacred Geometry: Liquid GOLD
Week 8: Deep Dive Into Chakras & Mastering Your Auras 

We Start With Your "Inner Game"

The big thing that stops most healers from activating their gifts, reaching their full potential, and helping those they need to help is… 


All the fears related to:

Worthiness: Am I really a healer? 
Judgment: What would others think?
Ability: Can I really do this?
Skill: Will this work for me?
All of this can be solved by setting up the proper foundation.
That’s why the first 4 weeks we dive deep into clearing all the mental and energetic blocks stopping you from becoming a powerful healer…
We will also dive even deeper into the energetic body itself, auras, chakras, cellular level healing,  and all the essential stuff you need to know…

You'll Learn How to Perform Energy Healings

Half way through the program we’ll host a Remote event.

During this, I show you EXACTLY how to do healings in-person and remotely – and you’ll get practice sessions in as well!


On top of that, I’ll be sharing some advanced methods for protecting yourself and quickly clearing your energy. I’ll also do an activation of your unique gits, and provide all the information you need to start using your gift…

By the time you leave the remote event, you’ll have complete confidence and understanding of your spiritual gifts, and you’ll know exactly how to use Sacred Geometry to heal yourself, and others on a DEEP level… both in-person and remotely.

Then after the remote event we’ll pick back up again for 4 more weeks… so I can teach you more advanced lessons, answer your questions, and make sure you are extremely prepared for any situation you encounter.

I’ll leave no stone unturned…

During the 8-week program, you'll also learn how to use the sacred geometry for creating the GOLD ENERGY - when I use the gold energy, I don't get tired at all – and healings are faster, more powerful, and more potent.

At the end, you'll receive a physical certificate as a certified Geo Love Healing Practitioner:

More Success Stories from Certified Energy Healers

Just Imagine What Your Life Will Look Like After This 8-Week Transformative and Activating Experience

Are you excited yet?

Can you imagine a life where stress… anxiety… frustration… sadness… overwhelm… and uncertainty are not even an issue anymore?

Can you imagine a life where you become a GIFT and a BLESSING to everyone you meet because you can now help them?

What would happen if all the things you’ve always wanted in your life just started to show up… and all the things you’ve never wanted just started disappearing?

Are you ready for life to start happening FOR YOU instead of to YOU?

It starts with the BELIEF that it’s possible… and then you need to take action towards your future…

Now my goal is to get YOU super ready for the real world, equipped with all the skills, knowledge and confidence you’ll need… that’s why I added an additional 8-week training. 

I want to leave no stone left unturned.

My colleagues mentioned I should charge $5,000-$8,000 for this, as most intensive certifications do.

But for now, I’ve decided to price this 8-week online training for an extremely discounted rate.  

…And since this will require time on my end – training you – going over and reviewing your homework – answering your questions… all sales are final, and there won’t be any refunds for this program.

If you are an existing client, then you know that my training is top-notch, and I don’t put it out there unless it works! So you know from experience, you’re getting the best of the best out there…

Your new life is waiting for you…

Are you ready for it? 8-weeks is all it takes. 

I look forward to seeing you there..,

To activate your full potential… for the highest good of all,

Oliver Niño

Ready To Master Your Energy, Activate Your Spiritual Gifts And Become A Certified Energy Healer?

BEST VALUE: 8-Week "Geo Love Healing" Virtual Certification Program 

This certification program can be completed completely remotely, thousands of our students have done it this way and experienced massive shifts and are powerful healers now.

Program Start Date: July 24, 2024

Total Value: $7,888

Event Only Price. This Is The LOWEST Price for this program, and it's NOT offered anywhere else. This is the only time you'll see it...

One Time Payment of


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take?

This is an 8-week certification program, and the intention is for you to take the full 8 weeks to complete it. However some people move faster than others. Some people may wish to consume the content quicker. And others may choose to go slower. 

You can take this program at your own pace. 

Does energy healing really work?

YES. The results we’ve seen with this program are truly inspiring and mind blowing. Students have seen dramatic and instantaneous shifts in their lives.
But keep in mind that results cannot be guaranteed. The results you receive will be directly correlated to the effort and energy that YOU put in. 
If you come ready to do the work, you will see dramatic shifts in your life – no question about it. 

What if I’ve tried energy techniques before and it hasn’t worked?

Most energy healing techniques do not take into consideration all aspects of healing: the energy, the mind, and the emotional. My techniques and teachings have never been taught before, and are much more powerful and useful than any other technique out there. 

What if I don’t want to heal others?

You don’t have to! The information you’ll learn, and the skills you’ll activate in this program can be used for your own healing, manifestation, and deeper connection!

What if I can’t heal others physically (due to pandemic & social restrictions)?

I will teach you how to conduct energy healing sessions 100% virtually. 

What makes you qualified to train me?

I’ve been an energy healer for over 10 years. I’ve healed thousands of people, from famous celebrities to CEOs of multimillion dollar companies. 
To date I’ve trained 514,743 students from 50+ countries all over the world.

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