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geO loVe HeAlinG

Practitioner Certification

The Fastest And Most Effective Way To Activate Your Spiritual Gifts and Become a Certified Energy Healer

The Geo Love Healing Certification Program is an 8-week transformational journey to be a Certified Energy Healer. It consists of a live in-person training on activating the spiritual gifts you were born with, discovering the power of sacred geometry for creating Gold Energy, and awakening your intuition for faster and more powerful healing.
This program teaches you how to use energy to get answers from your intuition and guides, heal yourself, gain mental clarity, remove energy blocks, and unlock synchronicities to tap into the effortless flow of your life. At the end of the 8-week certification program, you will have all the skills and knowledge to create quick, profound and permanent transformation for yourself and for those you help.
This program is designed to make you an energy healer in just 8 weeks, no prior experience required.

About OLIVER Niño

Oliver Niño, also known as the Spiritual Activator, is a renowned healer who has personally healed tens of thousands of people, trained half a million students, and has received praise from celebrities like Demi Moore, Donna Karen and others.
Oliver now teaches those who feel called to activate their own spiritual gifts, remove energetic blockages, and use Sacred Geometry to heal themselves and others without spending decades trying to figure it out on their own.

Why Is GLH For You?


Thousands of GLH Graduates Have Already Proved It So!

We learned how to tap into our highest self to heal for the highest good of all. This workshop was truly life changing for me. I left feeling a sense of clarity and peace about my purpose on this planet. I am eternally grateful for my experience and my ability to heal others with the gifts I learned.
~ Kristi Gorrondona
Oliver teaches with such love and caring. His goal is for us to learn what our gifts to this world are and then how to share them. It was truly magical for me. Not only did I learn my gifts, I found my heart and let it shine! My life has been transformed by this event. I have learned new tools that I have also taught others to help them in their daily lives. My life and those that surround me are so much better today. Thank you!
~ Jackie J.
The Geo Love Healing was an experience and education unlike any other. The knowledge imparted by Oliver Niño is precious in the way that it not only helps you overcome energetic barriers in your life but supports you in helping others do the same. There is no greater gift than to be enlightened through a method that heals you and those around you. Thank you so much Oliver for sharing this priceless energetic skill.
~ Trish T.

Plug Into Ancient Sacred Geometry to Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts and Heal With Gold Energy...

Geo Love Healing Practitioner Certification is used by professionals, celebrities, and spiritually gifted people from more than 50 countries to create abundance, happiness, and joy. Discover how you can do the same right now.

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