"Can I Clear All Your Blocks Weekly for an Entire Year?"

"If you've always wanted to receive an energy clearing and healing from ME, personally... so I can remove the biggest blocks that are holding you back from the abundance, love, peace, purpose, and wellness that you want... then this is the most important letter you'll read this year..."

This is a time-sensitive offer where you’ll have the opportunity to receive a 75% discount on energy clearing and unblocking sessions from me and my advanced healers. 

Please read this entire page until the end.


YOU… receiving energy clearing, unblocking, healing and activating sessions from ME and my advanced healers… every… single… week.

If you’ve experienced a group healing session with me in the past then you know firsthand, what this will do FOR YOU… and your goals and dreams.

Ultimately, it will bring you back to your ultimate and highest vibration.

A vibration where life starts happening for you and you get catapulted to a life full of abundance, joy, love, clarity, peace, purpose, and everything you need.

It’s the way life should be… but life happened.

You know how that went… and it’s not about the past anymore… but turning the page for the next chapter that’s waiting for you.

It’s not only possible, but it’s INEVITABLE when you release all the blocks holding you back.

And I’m excited to get you THERE…

But first, let me share with you…

How This All Started...

The question my team has been getting for years now is “How can I work with Oliver?” or “How can I get an energy healing from Oliver?”…

And for the longest time we didn’t have anything available to the public… unless you enrolled for our $4,000 certification programs… or our $25,000 year long programs.

But not everyone wants to be a healer and learn my methodology…

A lot just want to receive the healing so they can have better lives.

Or sometimes even healers, and those who have a big heart and help others, need healing too… It’s okay to receive too (it’s one of the biggest lessons I had to learn)…

And it changed my life… because…

Sometimes, all you just need in the moment is to receive the healing and clearing so you can quickly go from surviving to thriving… and from there, you can discover your purpose and fully be ready to run, again…

But before that happens, you need to completely be free from the struggle first.

It’s hard to thrive from a place of daily struggle.

There’s just not a lot left at the end of the day you can give when you’re running on empty… or way below that…

You need to experience peace at the deepest levels... confidence that's unshakeable... abundance that doesn't run out... and joy that vibrates down to the deepest parts of your soul.

…And that’s why I decided to launch my “Energy Healing Circle”, where you will receive healings every single week! And it’s purely designed for you to experience my most potent and powerful healings and clearings… LIVE weekly (don’t worry, if you can’t join live, I have everyone’s name on a piece of paper, so even if you can’t make it live every time, you’ll still receive the clearings.).

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this.

Typically, I do group healings for bigger groups of thousands of people, just ONE TIME.

And let me tell you, the success stories from doing that are just MAGICAL… in all the best of ways…

This time, we will accelerate your path to total abundance by you experiencing a clearing session… every… single… week….

This experience just simply doesn’t exist out there… that’s why I’m doing it, because it’s deeply needed.

Let’s dig a bit deeper shall we?

Release the 4 Kinds of Energy Blocks Preventing You From Living the Life You Want...

Right now, there’s 4 types of blocks you might have that’s holding you back… you might have one, or more… or you might have them all.

And when you release these blocks, you start thriving (extremely quickly) at levels you don’t even think is possible… in all the areas of life that are important to YOU (health, finances, relationships, purpose work, etc)

Block #1: Your Environment: This is when your environment or people around you affect you greatly. If you are easily overwhelmed when you step into crowded places then chances are you are extremely susceptible to blocks from your environment.
Block #2: Life Events: A lot of times, something happens in the past and the energy of that affects you (consciously or unconsciously) till this day. I’ve seen it happen so many times. What started out as a block in the heart at an early age, grows into an abundance block or inability to receive and experience healthy forms of love and connection down the road… or some unexplainable health issue that nobody seems to be able to figure out, no matter how hard they try.
Block #3: Gestational: I’ve also witnessed people go through a cycle of pain and suffering and the energy block started back when they were in the womb. Typically something stressful happened to their moms while they were still in the womb, and that energy carries over and affects them decades after they are born… and of course, they have no clue what it is. How can you work on something you’re not even aware of right? That’s where energy comes in! There’s always an energetic remnants to every single event that still affects you today, when that’s released, a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders.
Block #4: Generational: Lastly, a common block I’ve seen is generational. The problem has occurred in every single generation, and now you’re experience it… The beauty of it is that it DIDN’T start with you, so it can most definitely end with you… once and for all… as you transcend the energetic patterns that no longer need to exist.

If you do a reality check right now… and there’s one area of your life that you are simply not happy or content with… then I promise you, it’s because you have one or more of the blocks above.

And blocks, over time, become energetic patterns that predictably and consistently produce the life and experiences that you DON’T want.

So in order to change your life… you have to change and rewire the energetic patterns that have built up over time…

And in order to rewire these patterns, you start with working on each, individual block (that’s why we do clearings and unblocking weekly, to accelerate the process of rewiring entire energetic patterns that no longer serve you)

When you release these blocks, then you’ll start experiencing everything you want… now instead of never (which is what it feels like as it’s dragged on for soooo long).

Clearing and Releasing Energy at the Deepest Levels Is the ANSWER...

In my experience, Energy is the fastest way to heal.

It really is.

When blocks go on unaddressed, for a long time then it starts affecting your mental, emotional, and often times, physical health.

And it’s debilitating.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The cool thing about energy is by working on releasing ONE thing, you can be releasing 30-50 things connected to it… without having to remember or be conscious of ANY of it!

For example…

Your thoughts produce energy.

Your emotions produce energy.

Your decisions and lack of, produce energy.

The traumatic events in your life, produce energy.

And all this energy gets stored in different areas of your body... and the longer the block stays there, the more issues it causes.

Now the beautiful part of all of this, is that the blocks all get stored in predictable areas, and they pile up over time.

For example if you’ve experienced a lot of heart break, then that energy block gets stored in your heart…

So, if I remove all the energy blocks in your heart, releasing EVERYTHING in your heart that’s holding you back… then you’ll finally be able to move forward to the next chapter of your life.

Because the biggest thing holding you back from it was just released!

I’ve seen this happen over and over again… in my close to 20 year journey of doing clearings and healings on others.

Now, it’s your turn.

Bold claim? I’m sure it sounds like it now… but after an entire year of you experiencing weekly energy sessions, you’ll be agreeing with me too.

You will walk away a different person… in all the best of ways because we spend 1 full year, every single week, removing the biggest blocks holding you back and lowering your vibration… so that your vibration shoots UP…

And a lot of problems simply can’t exist OR they immediately solve themselves in a high vibration.

When your vibration is high, there’s nothing you can’t create… no block you can’t breakthrough… for the highest good of all! Then, since we are in sacred land… and also a vortex (which to me is similar to living on top of a giant crystal that magnifies whatever energy to the 10X-100X degree)… then whatever intention we set, it just speeds up.

I can confidently say that life just won’t be the same afterwards… in all the best ways, and I can’t wait to meet the version of you after this event.

Interested? Here's How It Works...

Energy Healing Circle is a monthly healing membership program where we get on Zoom every single week… and you’ll receive a group clearing session weekly.

This way, momentum keeps piling up every single week.

And the best part? If you register now, you’ll receive a 75% discount on energy clearing and unblocking sessions from me and my advanced healers.

Now let’s do some math here…

Last time I did a healing like this… for a group, we had 300-400 people who paid $149 each to receive just ONE healing and clearing session from me.

And it ROCKED their world… if you’re reading this, it might even be you who’s experienced some results from my group sessions.

So for 4 group healing sessions from me and my advanced healers… it would typically cost somewhere around $596 per month… and even then it would be a great deal considering I rarely do them myself.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: If you enroll in the "Energy Healing Circle" before the time expires... you'll save 75% off and get grandfathered into the program for just $888 for 6 months…

I’ve made a promise to do things when I’m inspired and called, so I’m taking things day-by-day… so for now I’m only planning to do this for 1-year (you get a healing weekly for an entire year)… after that, who knows what I’ll be pulled to do next.

So here’s the recap…

You save 75% off the price if you enroll before the timer expires…

And, here’s what you’ll get

  • 24 group energy healing sessions
  • Monthly energy healing session with ME (Oliver)
  • Weekly energy healing session with my advanced healers
  • Monthly sound healing session with Steven
  • Monthly card reading session with Tracy
  • Private social communities exclusively for Inner Circle Members
  • Total Abundance & Healing: We will focus on all areas of abundance and healing – Health, Finances, Relationships, Well being & MORE

And as long as you’re an active member, you’ll get access to FIVE of our best-selling programs below ($1,367 Value):

  1. Authentic Energy: A 30-day program designed to help you explore the world of energy more deeply, enabling you to learn how to better protect, clear, and elevate your energy.

  2. Accelerated Abundance: A 30-day program that will assist you in mastering abundance and removing all mental, emotional, and energy blocks that may be hindering your success.

  3. Quantum Mind Healing: A 30-day program that focuses on using energy and advanced techniques to rewire your mind for success.

  4. Quantum Creation: A 37-day course designed to help you learn how to manifest at the next level.

  5. Fast Track Chakra: An 11-day program that delves into the workings of the chakras and provides guidance on how to clear them.

Ready? Click Here to Join the “Energy Healing Circle” Membership Program Today…

And remember…

When you heal yourself, you heal others, and you also heal the world.

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