[Do Not Share] First Time Ever, VIP 1-on-1 Access to Oliver. Limited Spots In This Offer & It Expires On...


How It Works

First of all, please watch entire video above first before applying.

Second, this is a special, “Invite Only” opportunity, so Please DO NOT share this page with anyone else. If you got this email, it’s meant to only go out to a small group of people who have worked with Oliver before. 

1-on-1 Access to Oliver is the most requested thing in our community, and it has never been open to the public in the last 9 years.

This is a true, 1-on-1 opportunity to work directly with Oliver for half a day or a day… just you and Oliver… where he does healing, clearing coaching, and taps into whatever your soul needs. This is the perfect time to work on anything you want in your life. This also comes with a 30/90 day follow up with Oliver over whatsapp, where you’ll have direct access to Oliver daily so you can ask him anything you want and get support for any issue you need.

If you’re interested, please reach out to Jennifer Smith now. We only have 10 days available in total for this opportunity. It’s a first come first served basis, and can sell out before the March 19 deadline.

Click here to message Jenn on Facebook

You can text / call her here: (970) 516-7361

Or you can also email her at: [email protected]

Authentic Living Team