Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Everyone deserves a fulfilled, loving and rewarding life, that is her dedication to you.

Born in Australia, Tiffany has worked internationally for the past thirty years bringing her integrity and experience to facilitate successful development and growth within the corporate sector.

Tiffany, as with all of us, is the product of her life experiences. She has overcome tragedy, loss and abuse as a woman growing up and working in a male dominated society. She understands the difficulties faced daily when dealing with change and need to see positivity and prosperity in one’s life. To be able to appreciate the beauty, simplicity and rewards that come from acceptance and living in the moment.

She overcame personal abuse in her teenage years, being an early witness of the now, #me too movement. It was in her late teens, having left school that her learning truly began.

Working in the corporate sector brought her opportunities to travel and work throughout the world, experiencing different cultures, working with people under highly stressful circumstances in a global market towards a common goal. It was in her twenties and in this highly competitive environment that she grew to understand the need for changes in a positive direction, and self-development became her personal lifelong obligation and responsibility.

The search for improvement within herself and her need to help others has culminated into an honest, diligent and committed individual that is worthy of trust and can be relied upon to see a task well done through to completion without judgment or prejudice.

Through years of study, she has learned to bring this positivity and focused energy to a personal level, assisting individuals to achieve success and satisfaction in their lives. Drawing on her years of experience and understanding, Tiffany can be relied upon to support people from all backgrounds through Life’s challenges to clear blockages and achieve their goals.

When working together with Tiffany you will be able to

* identify your life goals
* clarify the challenges and personal barriers
* negotiate and determine ways forward to achieve your goals
* have non-judgmental, compassionate support when you need it
* have a trusting, total commitment to the journey and to you as her personal pledge