Love & Authenticity Practitioner

The struggle was real!  Having lived with the words, “You are never good enough”, You are not smart enough”,  “You are too fat”, etc., etc., leaving in its wake “you will never measure up”, started me on a very long path of feeling small, unable to achieve, always living in poverty mentality, embarrassed due to the lack of everything, never worthy of anything good, jealousy for what others had…and on and on it went.  Life was more miserable than enjoyable and no matter what I did I could not find a peaceful place on the planet.

In my early sixties I began to study more about mindsets.  I happened upon the movie the “Secret” and things really began to open up for me.  I was extremely skeptical and watched it over and over again.  Having come from attending Bible College, becoming a Missionary, and living with my husband of many years devoted to Christianity (well somewhat), it all seemed quite far-fetched.  And well, a bit on the dark side or as some may say, too woo woo!

My life had been mostly confusing coming from a divorced family, to having a step father claiming to be Atheist and mother who claimed nothing, it was all rather confusing.  However, this movie, the Secret peaked my interest.  I found a mentor who was successful in every which way and I thought so highly of him, loving his teaching.  Still, the feeling of not being enough, never measuring up, stayed with me, haunted me, and held me back from any freedom or success.

Now when much new teaching about life, asking and believing, starting to swirl more rapidly through my head, along comes Mandy Morris.  A Facebook video.  I thought she was so intriguing with her salami sandwich and talking about manifesting fast.  This began to really shake my world.  Upon reading Mandy’s book, “Love It’s How I Manifest,” things made more sense than ever.  The Bible made more sense than ever and I began to understand the Secret as well.  Love and gratitude go hand in hand and are the keys to the kingdom….life began to flip and change in such amazing ways.  The freedom I began to find for myself I wanted to share with others.  Now at age 64 I am living the life I always wanted but didn’t know could exist.  Oh, it exists!  And the beauty of it all?  IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO FIND IT!  No matter how young you are.  It is always there for you waiting for you to respond.

My goal in life from this day forward: to enlighten others, no matter their age.  Show the senior adult that they still can experience a fulfilled life, the child that they are creating life as they grow however they choose, the teen that it is up to them to choose (and to help them choose wisely), and everyone else in between – start living the life that makes you happy and you don’t have to wait to begin.  Free yourself from that prison. Start today!