Whole Healing Practitioner & Love & Authenticity Practitioner​

It all began in my twenties. I can remember staring out the window about 3:00 am one morning and thinking, “There has to be ‘more’ to life than ‘this’?” The very next day my spiritual journey began and yet I had a long, long road to travel. I had tons of beliefs that didn’t serve me and even more fear than I had misguided beliefs. And most of all, I felt unworthy and unable to do anything of great value in the world. I was certain I had made to many negative choices.

It took many years and lots of training (BA Religious Studies, Certified Spiritual Director, Reiki Master, Advanced Level Esoteric Healer, Numerology, Certified Success Unlimited Network Coach). Everything led me forward, I had the knowledge that radical love heals radically. However, it was not until I decided to become a Love and Authenticity Practitioner (LAP) that everything came together for me. Love and Authenticity Coaching literally gets to the ‘heart’ of the matter. The methods in this coaching reach the radical love that helped me to dig out some of my deep, negative roots so that I could see my worthiness and my wholeness. Finally, I was free to be my authentic self and bring forth more of my highest and best.

It took me many years. However, it does not have to take you long at all!!! If you are ready, open and willing, you will soon be connected to your authentic self and highest purpose! You will find yourself naturally opening to your inspirations, growing and moving toward your dreams.

If now is your time, I am here. Let’s get to the ‘heart’ of the matter and evoke your greatness. Our first appointment is always a complimentary, no obligation discovery session, so we can learn more about each other. Please don’t hesitate – there is no need to live any longer disconnected from all you long for.