EME Integration Practitioner, Whole Healing Practitioner, & Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Niki is a certified Love and Authenticity Practitioner. She is also a certified Whole Healer which is a modality that works on the entirety of a person through mind, body, and soul.

She is a trainer at the Heartland Retreat Center in Colorado as well as a mentor in several of the Authentic Living Programs.

As Niki worked through her own transformative healing, she found her calling in life to pass the peace she has returned to. She is now dedicated to helping her clients rediscover their authentic self. While lower vibrational energies seek to distract us from our true selves and our inherent worth, higher vibrational energies seek to remind us that we are and always have been enough.

Niki believes that everyone has the ability to heal deeply, if they so choose.
The only requirement is courage.

Niki is the founder of Blank Canvas Ltd., a project dedicated to freeing people from beliefs, patterns and rules that were born of fear. Blank Canvas Ltd.’s mission is to guide people in choosing to discover subconscious thoughts so that they may live from a place of true awareness and step into their soul’s journey.