Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Dear Beautiful Human,

Have you ever felt like you are living the wrong life…like you have somehow been placed in the wrong time or space? Do you feel like there is a deeper meaning to your existence than what you see each day around you? Are you ready to do more than work, eat, sleep, repeat? Are you ready to find the highest and most honest version of you and live the life you were meant to live?

I understand how you feel. I lived in un-authentic personas of myself for more than 4 decades. As a child I was chastised and humiliated for being myself… so much so that I hid my authentic self away and kept her locked up – protected from the scathing remarks and painful embarrassment of being different. I created a “perfect person” persona that took over my life and I eventually found that I was nothing more than a shell; a puppet used for everyone else’s purposes. My strings were being pulled and directed by everyone but me. I was not loved or respected, nor did I love or respect myself.

Until one day, my true self called out to me – letting me know she was still there and lighting a path to the person I was meant to be. I began searching for “myself” – reading everything, going from seminar to workshop, to courses… checking out almost every guru and enlightened person I could find, always ending up feeling like something was still missing.

I was beginning to lose hope that I would be able to overcome the unworthiness, fears, and doubts I had lived with my entire life. That’s when Authentic Living came into my life. It felt like finally coming home after a lifelong journey. Through the teachings of Authentic Living, I found the path leading me back to my highest and most honest self.

After going through the 30-day Authentic Creation course, I made the decision to pursue the avenue to becoming a Love and Authenticity Practitioner… A guide for those who find themselves lost in someone else’s life…to bring you back home, to you!

So, here we are now. Are you ready to embark on your journey? I would be honored to be your guide as you discover your truth – the precious, accepted, cherished, extraordinary human only you can be! Let’s do this!