Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Mary-Catherine is an intuitive Self-Love & Authentic Living Coach. She uses her intuition & coaching skills to help guide her clients into more alignment in their relationships (with themselves & others), their career, love life,  & life purpose. She is gifted at listening & in helping others see the truth of themselves while holding them in a loving and safe space.

When you work with Mary-Catherine you can expect to find clarity & insight along with gathering the tools / tips to better help & align yourself in absolute love and authenticity.

Mary-Catherine believes in ‘empowering’ oneself, ‘I’m here to remind you that genius resides in you, you’re powerful & can embody the most authentic version of yourself’.

As a certified Authentic Living Coach with Mandy Morris, a Self -Love coach and Energy healer, Mary-Catherine’s toolbox contains practical tips, intuitive guidance and psychological and physiological tools to help you discover your authentic  & abundant self.

She concludes, ‘I’ve partnered with Clients to help them regain their Self-Love, their Self-Power, to create stronger relationships, & to activate their intuitive gifts & abilities, to heal broken hearts & past traumas, to guide them to their truth & clarity and the next step to take on their personal journey.’