Love & Authenticity Practitioner

If you are reading this, you are seeking to create a new way of being-ness, one that transforms your past pain story into a story that nurtures your new vibration of positive emotion.

You’ve spent long enough, dear heart, stuck on repeat – perpetuating the same hurt, the same fears and frustrations. You are tired of not shining your light and of not standing in your power.

Hi, I’m Martine, I’ve been exactly where you are.

With love for the Laws of the Universe & holistic wellbeing, I offer a unique combination of services that integrate the Universal Laws of life with the healing power of love and authenticity.

Born and educated in Belgium, I came to China in 1992 & since then, have not left the country. With a passion for Asian culture & Chinese language, China became my second home.

After about 10 years, my life took turbulent directions; for years I struggled with emotional exhaustion, toxic marriage life and compromised gut health. My soul and body were craving for love and attention.

It was not until I decided to take charge of my life, that I slowly manifested a turning point in my life, I met my new partner who later became my second husband and with baby steps, I transformed my relationship with Source and self-love.

As an empath intuitive, I help codependent, empathic and highly sensitive women in unhealthy toxic relationships, heal their wounds and shadows so they can live their authentic self again and be in alignment with Source.

I am a Quantum Success Coaching Academy certified coach in the Law of Attraction, a graduate student from the Awakening Your Light Body (offered by Orin & Daben), a certified Integrative Health Coach, certified by the Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN) and a Love & Authenticity Practitioner, certified by Authentic Living.