Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Margot Wilson is a Love and Authenticity coach, a fine artist, a business owner, a wife of 35 years and mother to 3 grown sons, an avid world traveler, and an inspired lifelong learner.

Margot is passionate about her coaching practice, helping clients shift out of limiting behaviors and patterns, and guiding them towards their truest, most creative, inspired and authentic lives.

Margot brings years of mature life experience to her practice.
She can gently bring awareness without judgement when addressing a wide array of challenges, whether working with clients on delicate family, friendship or marital matters, or the most vulnerable healing from childhood trauma, abuse or neglect.

Margot believes that by bringing love, kindness and forgiveness, our lives can be completely transformed.

I met Margot at one of Mandy’s accelerator weekends. At the time, I was on antidepressants and lacking a clear vision for my future. That weekend, it became clear to me that I needed to do some work regarding my relationship with my husband (after 22 years of marriage). Margot had mentioned that she had done some work on her marriage, so we bonded over that weekend.

I contacted Margot a couple of months later, during a particularly challenging time with my husband, and we decided to work together. I am SO glad we did! She has such wisdom and insight, and she was able to show me certain things that I did not see on my own. We made huge progress in a short amount of time and the takeaways I received from her were life-changing. I have implemented her suggestions into my life and have continued to grow in amazing ways.

Since working with Margot two months ago, I am completely off antidepressants, my marriage is better than ever, I started a new business, I am meditating, reading and journaling daily, I am on a new exercise and diet program, and most importantly I have learned how to love and accept myself.

I highly recommend and enthusiastically endorse Margot and her work. 4 sessions with her changed my life!! 
Tamara Handley

“As someone who reveled in the life coaching phenomenon, I thought simply having a coach as a guide in my life was enough. I was wrong. Authentic life coaching with Margot changed my life. She made it a point to help me dig deep to address the root(s) of my fear, suppression, anger and misguided love. She allowed me to have my space so I could find my own truth, in my own time. What I love most about working with Margot is she always actively listens and picks up on subtle thought patterns and instinctively ties those patterns too, at least in my case, specific childhood programming. In our time working together I saw the biggest positive shifts happen in my relationship with myself that ultimately led to better relationships with others. I highly recommend Margot to anyone looking to advance the self-discovery journey and manifest the most wonderful life you can imagine.”