Love & Authenticity Practitioner

How does it feel when somebody holds Love Frequency for us? Is total presence, a space where we feel fully seen and heard and when somebody listens to us without judgements, without ego. In this space we feel valued, cared and loved just for being, not for something we achieved or for a certain way we are or behave. In this space magic happens, we can grow and evolve so fast.

We can discover the hidden beliefs and ways to look at life that debilitates us and don’t allow us to create the life we truly want.

I have been studying self-development and Law of Attraction more than 10 years. Using Manifestation techniques, I have manifested really amazing things in my life (a house, tours around the world, money, etc)

My life looked good, but it didn’t feel good. And then the deep transformation of finding subconscious beliefs started…Now, I know the greatest manifestation I have ever achieved has been to go from a mind that teared me down to one is that is my greatest cheerleader.

My purpose is to hold Love Frequency for you, until you become so familiar with how it feels that you can pour unconditional love for yourself in any circumstance. Because that’s the path to connect with your own unique power and unfold your infinite potential.

When you commit to your uniqueness, to your home frequency everything that is a perfect match to you comes. ♥