Future EME Integration Practitioner & Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Katy is a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate Degree in Nursing. She has devoted half of her life to the field of pediatrics. Through 18 years of clinical experience and a 16 year yoga practice, she has noticed a key component that should be instilled in everyone’s spiritual life; that is, joy and laughter. Children have a genuine curiosity for life and a courageous nature for adventure. As a result, they have a natural instinct to drop into their heart space through the artful mannerism of play. Play therapy allows one to drop fully into their heart space, shifting away from the matters of the mind. As a result, children express authentic joy and laughter that are often lacking in adults. From her observation with the pediatric population for nearly 20 years, she has come to the conclusion of the importance of joy and laughter for ones spiritual life. Katy has coached several of her clients to connect with their inner child by playing and having more fun in their life. From her experience with her clients, she has witnessed several manifest abundance and money immediately after their coaching call. Authentic joy and laughter creates miracles, mindfulness and energy shifts. Therefore, Katy has a vision to help those rediscover their inner child and manifest the life that they want by bringing more joy and laughter into their lives through play therapy. Katy is excited to connect with all of you and to help you find the joy and laughter back into your life! Let’s start manifesting!