Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Jackie Jaeger will use her intuitive abilities to guide you with love and non-judgement, in a safe environment, to find YOUR truth.

Having experienced loss of parents at a young age, abuse of different types, and toxic relationships throughout all stages of her life, she never learned to love herself as she didn’t feel worthy of receiving it.  Love always leaves.

Helping others has always been Jackie’s purpose.  Working 22 years as a registered nurse, she easily learned to be compassionate by working with a variety of people of all ages, different cultures, varying socioeconomic statuses, and all walks of life.  Yet, something was missing.  Feeling alone in the world and lacking self-love was a common theme.  After her marriage of 18 years ended, she experienced a series of toxic romantic relationships and found herself at her lowest point in life.  She found Mandy Morris while scrolling through Facebook, lying in bed, unable to get up and function in her daily activities of life.  Everything immediately resonated and she set on a journey of discovery.  “And in case no one has told you today, I love you” (Mandy Morris) kept her coming back for more!

Discovering that awareness was the first step to transforming her life and Jackie found the joy of loving and accepting herself.  She was worthy of love and abundance just for existing.  Everything that we need already exists within us.  Her passion is finding the root causes which leads us to the ability to forgive the self and others while releasing the programmed beliefs that no longer serve us in order to heal, love, and grow.

Trusting and believing that life happens FOR us and not to us has now become her theme.  Infused with love, she would be overjoyed to help you find your authentic voice and truth.