Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Early in my life I felt a strong connection to medical alternative therapies and Eastern medicine focusing on plant medicine as well as the connection between mind, body, soul and health. I knew I would need to approach this lifestyle from a focused traditional education background to gain traction and trustworthiness in the field of both medicine and alternative treatments. I pursued a traditional medicine program and graduated from Mercer University in December 2017 with a Masters in Nursing focused in family practice medicine and began working in an emergency department as a nurse practitioner in April 2018. While working in this fast paced and exciting setting for 3 years I have also continued my journey through the holistic and spiritual connection to wellness. I have seen how hydration therapy, holistic/alternative medicine and authentic living through mindset changes can change and improve the healthcare and wellness journey and I have devoted my life in assisting in this change. With Healing Hydration & Wellness I will be able to reach patients personally one on one, guide and educate them to a fuller and more healthy life. Through traditional education, I have been thoroughly trained and licensed to treat the body and as a certificated practitioner of Love and Authenticity, I have been trained extensively to work the mind and spirit thereby completing the mind, body and spirit connection. I look forward to helping you on your journey!