Future EME Integration Practitioner & Love & Authenticity Practitioner

I began my career in the operating room for the United States Army where I served for 8 years. I have been actively working in healthcare since 1998 with the environment changing rapidly over the past decade. I have always been committed to self-exploration and growth, but following a number of tragic events in my life, I questioned my purpose and wondered if I was living the life that I was meant to. I knew that there had to be more and that curiosity led me to the purpose work of serving others. The Love & Authenticity Program helped me to heal old wounds from the traumas of my life and come to a place where peace and joy fill my days. I want to do the same for YOU! 

Are you feeling stuck? Unfulfilled? What would it feel like to live the life you always wanted? What would it feel like to discover a way to meet your needs and bring your dreams to reality? I am certified authenticity practitioner that will help you align your life with your goals. I will hold space for you and help to declutter your mind so that we can determine what sets your soul on fire and make room for you to fully receive and appreciate the blessings of your life. In partnership, we will work to remove the constraints, barriers, and limitations that are holding you back, so that you can get you back on track to living the life that you were born to live. 

I live in Boston, MA where I love to spend time with my family. My passion for community and children is evident in my daily work, life, and charity efforts. I am an avid runner, author, life coach, and philanthropist.