EME Integration Practitioner & Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Fitriagustin is the First Master Geo Love Healer Level 3 in Indonesia. The Geo Love Healing method is sacred geometry based on love and light.  She is a healer, coach & author. She learned many methods and courses from many great teachers in the world, like blocked qi release from Malaysian Teacher, Geo Love Healing from Oliver Nino and life coaching from Mandy Morris. She is the founder of Healingingtan with a mission to help others heal the world. Healingingtan is a Distance Healing Service, DNA & Gift Activator, Life Coach & Author

Through Healingingtan, Fitriagustin has created a FREE Distance Healing community for over one thousand people, to release stress, worry and anxiety. Sessions have been running every Wednesday night for more than a year. She is also the pioneer founder of World Healing with 3 language guide in healingingtan path community which all the members together sending love and light, send healing for the world; She is a mentor for Indonesian and international students from Authentic Living, she also collaborates with other healer graduates from Geo Love Healing level 3.

Fitriagustin accepted a Srikandi Indonesia Award 2021 award that was initiated by Yayasan Penghargaan Prestasi Indonesia (YPPI) on August 2021 and launched her own book, ‘Raise & Stay at Your High Vibration’, sharing her journey and knowledge of how we tune into the infinite, abundant, high vibration and achieve everything we want in this life. She also write another book together with international authors ‘Inspired Creator Book’, her chapter is titled ‘Beyond Healing Is Everything We Desire: The Next Level of Creation, Opportunity, and Prosperity, which hit #1 best seller in multiple categories on Amazon in the world and now she became an International Best Selling Authors.