Love & Authenticity Practitioner

I turned my life around in six months and now I am ready to hold a safe and loving space for you to do the same. I am an author and a mother of two, living in Stockholm, Sweden.

When I discovered Mandy´s powerful tools I felt instant relief. Finally, I had something to work with to change my situation. I was living a nice-looking life but I was miserable, haunted by stress and guilt to exhaustion, physically ill and no longer able to function fully. All these negative emotions had left me in an eternal fight mode which blocked full access to my brain and heart.

With the 30-day program I started to search for a way out and immediately regained hope. My goal was to feel healthy and at peace. But after a while I hit a ceiling where I was no longer able to see how I should move forward. I had understood everything logically but I failed when it came to embodiment. I reached out to a few coaches in Authentic Living and I am forever thankful for their guidance. Thanks to them I were able to reconnect with myself and I began to shine my light. And wow, my life changed drastically. My whole outlook on the world shifted. Now I feel empowered; life is happening for me, not to me and I don’t waste any opportunity to grow. In my past life I knew I should be grateful for all that I had but little did I know how amazing gratefulness truly feels.

My growth-experience led me into coaching, and I enjoy paying forward what I have learned. My strong belief is that we all carry that light within and when we feel unhappy, sad, frustrated or angry it is because something is holding us back from shining that light fully. There is a reason we feel all these negative emotions, it is because they are trying to send us a message that we are on the wrong path or wearing the wrong type of glasses that prevent us to from seeing all the colors in this world. If I had walked any further down my old road I know I would had repelled people I wanted close to me and I would have gotten myself seriously sick. Instead I upgraded myself, now becoming the mother, wife, author and friend I want to be.

If you want to discover your light, your uniqueness, your purpose work, I would be delighted to serve you. This life is too short to settle for anything less than a full, vibrating, loving life in serenity and peace.