Love & Authenticity Practitioner

She is the founder of Transformational Spark coaching, a business that guides clients in decoding and addressing the root cause of their affliction at the subconscious level and creates breakthrough experiences that elevate conscious awareness. This allows her clients to find peace with their soul and freely pursue their life’s goals. After becoming a new Mom last year and experiencing all the physical, mental, and emotional chaos that comes with the territory, Dina felt stuck. She had a calling and decided to pivot from her successful career advising many hundreds of clients with financial breakthroughs. Drawing on her empathetic experiences as a youth spending much time serving as Rotary Club President and volunteering with auto immune children, teaching them to dance, sing and be creative, Dina desired to serve individuals on a much deeper and meaningful level. Using her leadership and team-first skills acquired as the captain of her volleyball team representing her State, she wholeheartedly pursues a holistic approach to transform her clients’ lives. She has lived in 3 different countries and is culturally, socially, and linguistically diverse, able to assist her clients globally.