Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Hello, my name is David. I’m a divorced father of 2 beautiful children and I’m happy to be serving others as an #LAP (Love and Authenticity Practitioner) in Authentic Living! I was certified in 2019, but my journey to living in authenticity started a lot sooner…
After my divorce I took Mandy’s 30 day AC program and through that I was able to deconstruct old patterns of behavior and recognize old beliefs that caused me to make poor decisions in my life that led to me hurting myself and ultimately hurting others in dysfunctional relationships. I was able to look at those areas and get into the why’s and realize that what I believed about myself and my world around me wasn’t even true, and that those beliefs were based on wounds that remained deep within and were never looked at or healed.
I was able to look deep within and rewrite my beliefs and rules surrounding love, relationships with family, coworkers, my loved ones, and especially my relationship with children. I’ve been able to create loving, healthy, and honest relationships by first loving myself, and being able to heal, and forgive myself.
Now I’m ready to pay this awareness forward and help others get free from pain and feelings on unworthiness.

I’m ready to help others know that the universe is filled with love and energy, and information, that is free flowing and available to all!! That you can integrate this awareness into your everyday life and have situations and occurrences work FOR you… 10 out of 10 times! So, email me and let’s set up a time to share! I love you all!! Thank you =)