Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Like many of you, I thought had a “pretty good” childhood. I had parents who loved me, a roof over my head, and I was safe. But looking back, there were missing pieces and I struggled more than I’d realized. I was extremely shy and insecure & I had a tough time making friends. Depression was a feeling I can remember experiencing all throughout high school, maybe before.

I struggled with anxiety, depression and relationship issues throughout my 20’s and 30’s. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with relationship OCD that I started on my healing journey. Mandy’s Authentic Creation Program was a blessing that helped me start to transform my life, and I was able to get off of anti-depressants after 20 years! I now feel consistently confident, happy, and hopeful that I can have whatever I dream of!

As your personal coach, I will help you see personal blocks you can’t yet see, because deep down, the only thing in your way are your own subconscious blocks and automatic thought patterns…we all have them due to this thing we call life. They affect your behaviors on a daily basis, as well as how you perceive the world and others around you. If you want to eliminate old, unhealthy behavior or emotional patterns so that you can create the life of your dreams, I can show you the way. Let’s do this together!