Love & Authenticity Practitioner

This is much more than energy work and understanding the Universe. This, is about you. Being brave to dig deep and uncover your true authentic self – before programming, limiting beliefs and past experiences took hold. Having the courage to say good-bye to the persona’s that no longer serve you and have kept you feeling stuck in the same cycle. Growing through these experiences, stepping in to your power to embrace your true authentic self – the best version of you.

My journey of self-discovery began decades ago. My journey of enlightenment began April 1, 2019 when, like so many others, I found Mandy Morris. I wasn’t consciously looking, but as we know, everything happens for a reason, and I manifested exactly what I needed; and that was the 30-day Authentic Creation program. I watched Mandy’s free webinar and signed up for the program moments later. You see, I was feeling stuck- and although grateful, I felt as if there had to be more to life. I was working so hard, so many jobs and continued to remain in the struggle. Although happy with my life, I was unable to find my partner, my soulmate. And although successful and satisfied with my work, I was deeply questioning my purpose and that true sense of nourishment and fulfillment.

On Day one of Authentic Creation, I found myself in tears and they were the odd sort of tears – both sad and fearful, as I began digging deep and uncovering programming and limiting beliefs. And, tears of beautiful truth and awareness as I began to discover the real me… my true self and she was beautiful and filled with so much love. That was the day that I remembered that I was a “giver.” I was born that way, however, I realized that along the way, I was taught to hold that back. So, I built up a wall of protection – a very tall and strong wall it was. It was then that I understood that I no longer vibrated at that loving, happy, giving frequency, and thus the reason I attracted the “takers” in my life. The more I manifested these people, the more the negative experiences showed up and the more the programming became etched in that subconscious reel.

By Day five, those tears came again and I had a major “aha” moment, one that I visit regularly because… it’s a big one! Enough. That I wasn’t good enough. That there wasn’t enough (for me – financially). That if I could work harder, I could prove that I was enough. I learned over the course of much of my life about that word “enough.” And the more I lived in that low vibrational frequency belief – in that untruth- the more I continued to bring in the lack, the scarcity, and the unworthiness.

Skip ahead 30 days, repeating the program at least 4 more times, plus several of Mandy’s other program and books… The awareness, the realizations, the discoveries, the shifts, the growth and expansion, and the healing … were nothing short of life-changing. There is no magic pill and this deep work is hard and it can be scary, at first. But I can tell you without a doubt, it is worth every minute. You are worth every minute. Finally, I had such clarity. I rediscovered my intuition and began listening to it – and now I trust it every single time. I chose love over fear! I am a thousand times enough and my purpose is to give, to serve.

Now it’s your turn and I would love to help you. In this safe space, together, we can uncover blocks, shift any limiting beliefs, interrupt that programming, and navigate towards understanding and healing so you can move past any pain, struggle, or challenge and towards your best life. It would be my honor to serve.

P.S. I love you.