Love & Authenticity Practitioner

I personally started my Journey of self discovery about twelve years ago. I found myself in a painful divorce and pregnant with my first child. I was young and had been estranged from my family. Needless to say, it was a very humbling and life changing experience. I decided to rise up from the ashes and focus on being the best version of myself. This set my life in motion. Fueling me to find balance within. I have always felt a deep connection between my body, mind, and spirit, I knew deep down they were all intertwined. I have worked over the years to free myself from my past, worked to create a relationship with myself based on love and authenticity. 

I began to strip away all of who I wasn’t. As the layers began peeling away, I was able to see my true self looking back at me through the mirror. I could finally see who I truly am. Over the years I have studied yoga, personal training, worked as an Assistant Director at a Gym, Reiki, graduated from the Health Coach Institute as a Life Coach, worked as a Birth Doula, worked as a Death Doula, worked as a CNA, become a non Denominational Minister, workshop facilitator, owner of a business for over eleven years, became a certified Love and Authenticity Practitioner, completed the highest level of Impact training’s, studied Shamanism, and am a proud mother of four. My intention is to work with you to uncover yourself and live a life that is overflowing with love and sincerity. One of balance and authenticity. This is not a journey you have to do alone, although you do have your own answers. I would be honored to assist you to begin to know that true self that resides within you.