Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Hi, my name is Connie. I am a divorced mother of five beautiful children, and I am happy to be in the position to serve others as a Love and Authenticity Practitioner in Authentic Living! I was certified in 2020, but my journey in living the authentic started a lot sooner; after my divorce I went down a dark road that leads me to this video called ‘The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Feel Good. Change Your Life’ so I watch it and out of nowhere I heard a voice, telling me now is the time to be apart of something great! And the next morning as I was meditating, when I finish another video popped up and it was Mandy’s Love & Authenticity Practitioner Certification program and as she began speaking about recognizing old beliefs and changing old patterns; I heard the voice again saying ” this is your true calling” I knew then that this was the higher source speaking and from there I join Mandy’s course because it was my sole purpose to serve others but first I had to go through a transformation for myself. This was very powerful for me, it help me to realize old patterns and behaviors that cause me nothing but pain in my life that lead to me hurting myself and those whom I loved in the process; it also helps me to get rid of those old ways of thinking and rewrite my new beliefs and rules that surrounded me with love which allowed for me to share my higher light and love with my family and friends as well as attracted someone in my life who is the most loving, caring, kind and powerful human that one can ever ask God for. I am ready to help and serve others and to pay this awareness forward, to coach those who are ready to let go of their pain and feeling of not being worthy enough to have that wonderful life that they deserve. I am incredibly grateful to Mandy for being a vessel for God and allowing the Universe to lead her into wanting to do this and be of serves as well. I Love you, Mandy