Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Women often ask me how to live a thriving balanced life without the constant pressure and stress.

First of all I would like to say you are all fantastic! But to live in this masculine dominated world makes us women sometimes forget that we are most powerful when we honor and live life from our feminine energy. To be all day in a masculine energy (planning, leading, structuring, etc.) makes us exhausted and we need more recovery when at home. To tap into your female energy is a skill you can learn, and I would love to help you!

Maybe you are single and dream of a fantastic love relationship, or a successful businesswoman surrounded by mostly men, or you may do so much for everybody else but don’t find the time to take care of yourself, and feel exhausted. However your life looks like, I am here to help you thrive as the women you are!

So who am I?

Well, I am a woman who got very bullied in my teens, and with that came low self esteem and self hate. Performance became my wall to never experience that again. It got to the point were I needed to over achieve in everything I did. After years of extremely high achievement I broke down. During my recovery I started my journey to become a coach. During the past 12 years I have deepened my knowledge in coaching, healing, and energy medicine.

The understanding of energy and especially masculine and feminine energy was a turning point for me, and it shifted my life deeply and totally. I have no stress at work, my love life shifted in A DAY, I have always the money I need, and all my relationships are better. I have worked with thousands of women and would love to work with you too!

With love,