Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Most would say I manifested a beautiful life. I imagined it, and I created it all through feeling. But one day I realized the feeling was gone. So now what? If I had truly mastered the law of attraction in the physical world through emotion, then why didn’t I feel all of those amazing feelings I imagined I would feel?

About a year ago, I realized that I had become conditioned to be drawn to objects and status symbols that paint the picture of happiness. While these things are wonderful, I’ve found that real happiness is obtained regardless of these things. I also found that I would mask my internal pain with fake external happiness. I would do this because I felt guilty that I didn’t love my ‘beautiful life’. This guilt deepened my internal pain.

I knew within my core, even at the beginning of this journey, that the path to happiness was within me. And what I found to be the biggest leap towards happiness was to focus on myself first, and then the relationships I had with everyone I interacted with.

When it comes to relationships, you make choices hundreds of times a day, and each of those choices is an opportunity to step towards happiness, or to step away from it. It was my missing piece.

So, if you are living a life that looks great on paper, but you aren’t feeling all of the feelings that you wish you were feeling, then I’d love to help you transform everything from the inside out.