Love & Authenticity Practitioner

I have always been that person who looks at the glass half full. I never understood why people would struggle with their ability to find love, maintain their financials or accomplish goals.

I could see people feel a lack of human compassion for themselves or others. For the life of me I couldn’t grasp the “why”. This didn’t make sense to me. Until one day it became difficult for me to live the life I was living. It became difficult for me to find work, to love those around me and ultimately feel nothing but darkness and pain. The glass became completely empty. I had no hope and I felt like there was no purpose to my life.

They say things happen to you for a reason. I struggled to find my reason. As human beings we’re so good at trying to find out what went wrong and why. That we end up missing the point completely. I was no longer meant to stay in that corporate job. I had graduated past that, but all I could see was the failure. I now know why it happened, I figured out what the point was.

I experienced the pain and loss of my world not to be punished, but to understand fully what people go through with emotions and why they may feel stuck, unloved or in crisis.

I needed to learn this so I could help on a conscious and subconscious level. So I could help serve those who need it without judgment. To help with a full heart and full understanding of why.