Brittany Shipman-Burks


EME Integration Practitioner

Brittany is a Certified EME Integration Practitioner Coach, who believes that each individual has the power within to create a life of great abundance through intentionalism, authenticity, and self love! 

Brittany has a 16 year background in the medical field serving as an EMT and in various areas of medical services with 10 years focused on developmental and mental health. She is a mother of 3 teenagers, and foster mom to a teen and her 6 month old son. She  and her husband own two businesses and enjoy the life of freedom they have created together. 

Nestled in the Midwest, Brittany and her family enjoy serving their community, while she holds a special place in her heart for her coaching clients! 

Brittany enjoys educating her clients on all things energy and vibration, she loves to coach on manifestation and aims to remain intuitively and energetically guided through daily self care, setting intentions, the use of sacred geometry, various meditation styles, and a plethora of methods & practices all offering her clients a unique and individualized healing/growth experience. 

“As Always Don’t Forget To Be Awesome” -Brittany Shipman-Burks