Love & Authenticity Practitioner

As a certified practitioner I am here to guide you through your created wails that are covering up your true self and had you lose your way, so you can fully step back into who you truly are.

I live in the north of Norway with my twin daughters now going through senior high school. My four boys are all out and about, living their best life and one of them has gifted me with the most beautiful grandson.

My journey of self discovery started 25 some years ago, but not until everything in my life fell apart two years ago did I really dig in and take full responsibility for myself and my life. I used to be that boat in the river floating around with no steering and oars. Without any control, I was crazy stressed out, working so hard to control my life and my environment. I was a control freak indeed! But with no steering mechanism or roadmap I was hitting rocks all the time, to the point I literally was drowning and I lost everything except my kids.

My outer world was my safety net. My house, car, relationship, health.. Everything I had worked so hard to build and hold on to was now gone and I was at free fall down the waterfall.

My prayers sent me to Mandy and through her programs I finally found my inner guidance system, steering wheel and my long lost power bank. Committing to myself, working continuously on my growth, I slowly returned back to my authentic self and now live rooted in my own power.

My purpose in this world is to reconnect people with their natural life force, their souls! Their true and authentic selves, so they can become whole and with steady steps grow to shine their lights brightly in their world. So if you are someone who is lost or feel stuck in darkness and a sad story like I was, know that there is way more to the story of ‘your life’ than meets the eye. You are a natural life force with infinite possibilities at your disposal. Recognise this, get to know it and live it! Blessings from my soul to yours!