Love & Authenticity Practitioner

Since childhood, Andrea was always very intuitive and inclined to help others. Helping lives has always brought her joy and fulfillment, connecting even more of herself to spirituality. In the meantime, about seven years ago, she felt an urge and a huge need to get deeper, constantly improving and finding ways to bring us and herself closer to God than ever. During this enthusiastic and gratifying search, she found meditation, a path, that helped her enormously to find a deeper status of happiness, peace, gratitude and contentment within, shifting her life to the most fulfilling possible direction. On her way to approach life and her willingness to be the best possible version of herself, it led her to the energy field. Eventually, she started learning the holistic approach of Energy Healing. Despite this, discovering her purpose also made her realize that intuitiveness and empathetic were real gifts hidden in without even noticing them. Being spontaneous brought them out. At the same time, another quality was added to the journey, the power of the sensibility of hand work, Hands-on Healing was the next step to it. All these together lead her to become a Reiki practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Sacred Geometry Energy Healer. Always trying to develop and learn new techniques to apply to our lives is her goal. She realized that coaching would be her next move, leading her to become a life coach and helping her clients even more with their traumas. Eagerly, Andrea is doubtfully guiding us to transform our world, assisting us on looking into our roots and blockages of our emotional and physical level, removing and helping us to feel healthier emotionally, physically, psychically and spiritually.