Love and Authenticity Coach

My full time trade is a music teacher. The last few years, I have seen more and more young children with anxiety and have become more and more aware that we are living in a society based on fear. I want to change that, even if it’s just one person at a time.

I have struggled physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have shut down my spiritual gifts and worked hard to get them back on track so that I can serve my soul’s purpose and be my highest and best self. I am a work in progress, and as much ground as I have gained and as far as I have come on my journey, I am fully aware that I am on a journey, and that the work never stops.

I have a particular interest in helping creative people but am open to anyone who is ready to make a change.

I would be so pleased to help you on your journey. The door of my heart is open to you, and you’re here, so you must be ready for a change. How can I serve you?