Love & Authenticity Practitioner

My spirit was called to this line of work by the magic of the Universe.

Since taking Mandy’s courses, climbing mountains of self growth and stepping into my purpose work; my life has changed drastically for the better. I am so happy to now be helping others find this same happiness and love within.

I will show up fully in service to you and help guide you to authentic happiness. To a place where life flows with ease. Where the things you desire are within reach and your dreams become your reality.

I am a mom, a musician, music teacher, a compassionate friend, and a Mindset Coach. I love to listen and help people. I am passionate about helping others learn to truly love themselves and to love in a way that is deeply and sincerely felt by all.

My world lights up when I serve. I get a beautiful feeling of fulfillment when I hear of the positive change my guidance has brought to someone. I have the tools and passion needed to guide you to healing and to bring true happiness into your life.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, a sense of lack, feeling that you’re not deserving of a better life, or you just want to create more happiness and love to give…then you are reading this because you are meant for more.

Let me guide you to uncover your true potential. Learn to become the best version of yourself. Get to know the amazing feeling of living on a higher vibrational plane of existence.

You are worth it all!