Alejandra Harguth

EME Integration Practitioner

In times when all feels unclear, the universe, with its boundless wisdom, often gently nudges us toward new horizons, asking only for our attentive ear. In a moment of inner turmoil, grappling with the monumental decision to leave her job and pursue her soul’s calling, Alejandra found guidance in the ethereal realms of her dreams.


Her father, a beacon of light, presented her with orbs filled with gold and purple in a series of dreams. An intuitive understanding enveloped her, his unspoken words resonating within her soul: “Take a leap of faith. You will do great things.”


Eventually, he passed her a gift, a wish orb, assuring her, “This is your talisman. It is yours to have and make your dreams happen.”


In moments of doubt, her father came to her, offering her a nudge to answer her true calling, “Every time you feel like not following your dreams, just look at this as a reminder that I have your back”.


Each one of us faces crucial decisions, however small, that echo into the expanse of our existence. Be it choices of love, profession, or well-being, their impact subtly steers the course of our lives. In the whispers of our dreams, the clarity of our soul’s calling resonates, guiding us toward our true north… sometimes we simply need the time and space to listen.


Alejandra’s embrace of this celestial guidance gave life to the transformative retreat experiences that stand as Camino Encantado’s cornerstone. Each interaction is an invitation to delve deeper into the silence within, forging pathways to the profound depths of our being, and unveiling the melodious callings of our soul’s deepest desires and truths.