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Are You Just Surviving as an Empath? There’s A Better Way…

Please make sure to check your inbox for an important welcome email from us with the details of the Game Has Changed Live Event. If you upgraded today you will also receive a separate email with your upgraded access. If you don’t see it, please check your spam or promotions folder. Follow the 3 steps below to ensure your event experience gets off to a strong start!

Add To Your Calendar

Why not take 30 seconds right now, go into the clock app on your phone to set an alarm for July 13 at 9:00 AM PT… then maybe a sticky note on your fridge, your desk & wherever you can so you don’t forget. You’re going to want to experience this LIVE and not miss a moment as each part build upon the next.
Set aside about 4 hours so you don’t miss a minute! And keep an eye out for emails and texts from us along the way… check your spam and other folders just in case! (click below to add to your calendar)

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Invite Your Family & Friends

This may be the last free event like this we ever do, so why not start a text string right now with those you know that also need this. Plus, there’s nothing like an accountability partner or two to really hold you accountable to your next level!

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Join The Private Community

Why not decide to play FULL OUT during this experience, and join the private Facebook Group! We will be doing some short but powerful pre event trainings, bonuses, homework and prizes. Plus you will surely be inspired by like minded, growth oriented people like yourself! It only takes 30 seconds to join so knock it off your to-do list right now. Plus, once you’re in you can introduce yourself to the other action takers like you!

Get the “Spiritual Activator” Book

Delve into deeper knowledge and practices by grabbing your copy of “Spiritual Activator” book. It’s more than a book; it’s a guide to unlocking your spiritual potential and embracing a higher vibration.

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