Geo Love Healing Certification: The Fastest Way to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts and Become an Energy Healer

Awaken The Energy Healer Within You, Become A Certified Energy Healer & Change Lives Daily

Learn How To Master Your Energy, Discover and Heal Your Hidden Blocks, Activate Your Spiritual Gifts and Become a Certified Energy Healer in Just 8 Weeks

Geo Love Healing is an 8-week comprehensive certification program that teaches you how to use energy to get answers from your intuition and guides, heal yourself, gain mental clarity, remove energy blocks, unlock synchronicities to tap into the effortless flow of your life. 

At the end of this program, you will have unlocked all the skills and knowledge you need to create quick, profound and permanent transformation for yourself and others.

To the person who believes that Energy Work is only accessible for “experts”

I used to be just like you. There was a time in my life when I, too, believed that Energy Work and Energy Healing was only for the select few special individuals that were born “gifted”. 

You see, I was actually born into a family that was full of spiritually “gifted” individuals.
My mom frequently had dreams of future events soon to happen… 
My sister could heal people with just a touch…
My grandfather could communicate with spirits…
And me?
I was just ordinary. No talent, no spiritual skills, no “gifts”. 
And I thought that was just the way it was. 
Some people were born gifted. And other people were born gift-less. 
Until one day in Sedona, a little over 10 years ago…
When I suddenly received flashes of images and colors. It didn’t make sense. Blues and purples. Spirals and pyramids. 
I brushed the visions off as hallucinations. Figments of my imagination. 
But then, something strange happened… 
As I walked back through the nature preserve of Sedona, and started to pass by people, I could see auras of lights surrounding them. I could feel tension in certain parts of my body as I passed them. 
And I knew, though I couldn’t explain how, that the tension I was feeling in my body corresponded to stuck energy in THEIR body. Energetic blocks. Physical ailments. Diseases. Heartbreak. 
I could feel it all. 
And I knew exactly how to fix it all too. 

The truth is, that everyone is born with a spiritual gift. Everyone.

Yes, even you

But as the world became more and more Westernized, society began to place more value on things like medicine, money, and careers… 
And less value on things like spirituality, energy medicine, energy healing, and energy work. So somewhere along the line these skills were no longer taught… 
The wisdom was lost. 
Within this ancient wisdom lies the secrets to effortlessly activating your spiritual gifts, confidently performing powerful energy healings on yourself and others, and the power to remove large energetic blocks from the mind and body. 
And you don’t need to be a gifted or experienced healer to access this wisdom.  
Because these techniques are extraordinarily easy to learn…

Energy Healing is a natural and instinctive ability to all human beings, and every single person was born with the innate ability to heal themselves and others.

And now, more than ever before in human history… we need more people stepping into their Energetic Powers. 

We need more people reclaiming their health, vitality, and spirituality.

We need more people activating the Energy Healer that they were born to be.  

Because of one unfortunate truth…

The western medicine approach is not working…

Here’s what the medicine industry (especially big pharma) doesn’t want you to know…

Your body has a natural healing system. 

You don’t need a pill for every illness, aliment, or stressor. 

And the more you rely on doctors and pills and potions… the more your body forgets how to heal itself…

And the more removed you get from your own body’s wisdom and innate knowing… 

Listen, I’m not completely bashing Western Medicine here. 

The truth is that Western Medicine completely revolutionized both the length and quality of life for our society… And there are certain life-saving operations that you simply cannot deny the value of.

But Western Medicine is not the answer to everything. 

Western Medicine cannot “fix” your energetic blocks, low vibration, strengthen your intuition, or repair your spiritual disconnect (and these things are so often the root cause of physical disease manifestation). 

If you want true healing, true vitality, and true abundance. You need to go beyond Western Medicine… 

You need to go to the root cause. 

And the root of your physical, mental, and emotional ailments are so often energetic in nature. 

Because of one fundamental and universal truth…

Energy is the one thing that controls everything.

Energy affects you deeper, and more profoundly, than you probably realize.

And whether you realize it or not, every painful or traumatic experience you’ve ever experienced has left a tremendous energetic impact on you. 

And it’s still affecting you, and holding you back, to this very day…

That energy is stored in your body, buried on a deep level, controlling your life and your decisions in ways you can’t even imagine…

And as long as you carry that energy with you, on some level you will remain stuck, stressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled.
The truth is, that unless the negative energy is removed from your body, your problems will keep reoccurring over and over again… 

And you won’t be able to fully move forward regardless of how hard you try…

No matter how many expensive medical treatments you seek, no matter how many medical experts you consult, and no matter how many manifestation boards you create.

If you want whole body healing, you need to dig deeper into your own human potential for healing, growth, and abundance. 

Which is easier said than done for most people, because…

Most people are only using 50% of their human potential.

If you want to live a more fulfilled life you have to embrace, discover and awaken your spiritual energy. You have to clear your energetic blocks.
Once you learn to tap into your own intuition, your own guidance system, your own energetics… you can instantly tap into and access 100% of your human potential. 
By accessing your entire energetic body on a comprehensive and deep level, heal yourself and those around you…
No, I’m not just talking about learning your chakras or seeing auras… but everything down to blockages stuck on a deep cellular level that most healing modalities simply don’t address. 
All this and more, you’ll master my Energy Healing Certification Program, where we meet for online lessons for 8 weeks, and face-to-face for a few days… so you get all the feedback you need, and walk away confident in your healing abilities. 

This Is Where I Come In...

Let me introduce myself...

Hi, I’m Oliver Niño. But most people just call me The Spiritual Activator.

And I’ve helped thousands of people – from the CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, to celebrities and people in the deepest and darkest places of their lives – clear their energetic blocks and access new levels of abundance, happiness, peace, and success.

And after 16 years of committing my life to healing others, I finally decided it was time to teach the secrets, ancient wisdom, and limitless potential of energy work to anybody that was ready to receive it.

So that everybody can understand their own unique energetic makeup and awaken their natural healing abilities…

So that, no matter who you are, you can heal yourself, improve your life, access infinite abundance, and even use your gifts to facilitate healing in other people.

Because the truth is, there’s nothing special about me... I’m not “gifted” or “unique” or “blessed” in any ways different than you are...

I’ve just mastered how to heal, manifest, and thrive… by mastering my energy. 


And now, I want to share this knowledge with more people… hopefully you. 

To date I’ve trained 514,743 students from 50+ countries all over the world.

What Actress Demi Moore Says About The Spiritual Activator

Here’s What You Can Expect With The 8-Week Energy Work Certification Course:

What Others Are Saying After Going Through This 8-Week Energy Healing Certification

Ready To Become a Certified Energy Healer?

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This 8-week, comprehensive certification program teaches you how to use energy to get answers from your intuition and guides, heal yourself, gain mental clarity, remove energy blocks, unlock synchronicities to tap into the effortless flow of your life. 

At the end of this program, you will have unlocked all the skills and knowledge you need to create quick, profound and permanent transformation for yourself and others.

Week 1: The Formula For Instant & Lasting Transformation
Week 2: How To Rewire Your Mind With Energy
Week 3: Rewiring Your Energy For Gratitude, Abundance, & Success
Week 4: What To Expect In The Activation Process & Pre-Activation Techniques
Week 5: How To Body Scan & Stepping Into Service
Week 6: Using GOLD Energy Activation Steps
Week 7: Advance Sacred Geometry: Liquid GOLD
Week 8: Deep Dive Into Chakras & Mastering Your Auras 

If you’re ready to explore more about becoming a Certified Energy Healer, click the button below to apply today – with zero obligations! 

At the end, you'll receive a physical certificate as a certified Geo Love Healing Practitioner:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take?

This is an 8-week certification program, and the intention is for you to take the full 8 weeks to complete it. However some people move faster than others. Some people may wish to consume the content quicker. And others may choose to go slower. 

You can take this program at your own pace. 

Does energy healing really work?

YES. The results we’ve seen with this program are truly inspiring and mind blowing. Students have seen dramatic and instantaneous shifts in their lives.
But keep in mind that results cannot be guaranteed. The results you receive will be directly correlated to the effort and energy that YOU put in. 
If you come ready to do the work, you will see dramatic shifts in your life – no question about it. 

What if I’ve tried energy techniques before and it hasn’t worked?

Most energy healing techniques do not take into consideration all aspects of healing: the energy, the mind, and the emotional. My techniques and teachings have never been taught before, and are much more powerful and useful than any other technique out there. 

What if I don’t want to heal others?

You don’t have to! The information you’ll learn, and the skills you’ll activate in this program can be used for your own healing, manifestation, and deeper connection!

What if I can’t heal others physically (due to pandemic & social restrictions)?

I will teach you how to conduct energy healing sessions 100% virtually. 

What makes you qualified to train me?

I’ve been an energy healer for over 10 years. I’ve healed thousands of people, from famous celebrities to CEOs of multimillion dollar companies. 
To date I’ve trained 514,743 students from 50+ countries all over the world.

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