EME Integration Certification Program​ (Stands for: Emotions, Mind, and Energy)

Become a Certified Coach & Change Lives Daily

An In-Depth 4 Month Journey on Aligning Your Mind, Heart, and Energy Through Love and Science So YOU Can Have All The Skills and the Steps You Need to Create Instant, Deep, and Lasting Transformation For Yourself and For Those You Help

Here's How It Works...

The first 9 weeks is ALL ABOUT YOU.

This is the foundation of the entire program, and we believe this is what’s missing in today’s coaches.

Right now, whether you know it or not… you are still experiencing blocks when it comes to:
– Allowing abundance into your life (or being okay with receiving abundance for your gifts)
– Not being good enough and being “worthy” of helping others
– Feeling like a “fraud” or that people will ridicule you and not take you seriously
– Fear of failing and not being able to deliver for people and help them get results
So that’s why we spend the first 9 weeks working on eliminating all the “internal conflicts” that will get in the way of you doing what you’re put on this planet to do…

Your deepest purpose…

Serving Others At the Deepest Level So You Can Change Their Lives For the Better...

We normally have a lot of fears that come up when it comes to doing our purpose work…
…And the fact that somewhere inside of you, you might feel some fear, resistance, or have some “worries” about it… goes to show that you ARE on the right track.
The reality is… when you do the “inner work”, eliminate all those blocks stopping you, and learn my entire methodology – the skills and the steps needed to get instant and lasting change – then you are READY!
All the fears you have now will simply just melt away.
Especially once you start seeing the results and impact you’ll start having on the lives of people you serve deeply.
It’s like the chicken or the egg really…
Most people want to feel confident before they start serving and helping… but the reality is that you’ll start feeling confident after you actually start helping people and seeing the impact you create in their lives!
So just know, you have to actually start serving first, and then the confidence and self-belief will follow. 

Then The Next 7 Weeks Are Spent Learning and Mastering the Skills That Can Create Instant and Lasting Transformation in the People You Choose To Serve...

Once you’ve done the work, then you are ready to learn my entire methodology.

You’ll learn the exact methodology I’ve been using in all my workshops, with all my 1-on-1 VIP clients, and the same one that scientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists have studied me for!

I’ll show you…

Then I'll Show You How I Do My Positioning to Attract Dream Clients...

I don’t sell… 
I attract…

There’s a big difference between selling and positioning.

In my experience, positioning is one of the most valuable skills you can learn in your journey to helping people.

There’s a very specific way I do my positioning online, and as a bonus, my team and some subject matter experts will come on board and share with you specific marketing strategies – that are “authentic” and integrity based – and you can use them to start adding massive value in the world…
And attract clients to you.

Plus you’ll get…

Virtual Training, Weekly Homework, Accountability Partners, and "Hands On" Practice to Ensure You Are BEYOND Ready to Get Out In the Real World And Change People's Lives...

Transforming people’s lives is a skill.
Just like learning how to drive, it can be learned – not through “analyzing” but by implementing… and that’s why I’ll pour my heart and soul into creating an environment that makes it almost impossible for you to fail.
The only way for you to fail is for you to consciously choose to NOT take action and practice the methods I share with you.
There will be weekly videos I will be releasing for 4 full months. These videos are designed to get you up to speed so you are prepared internally and externally – and you’ll know what do do when someone shows up wanting to work with you.
On top of that, you’ll get a recorded Q&A session on a weekly basis, where I answer most of the common questions people asked in the past… 
Also, to ensure that you really “master” the skill, I’m setting you up with an accountability partner you can practice on – and they will practice on you as well!
This way, you can experience what it feels like to shift and transform people first hand with the skills I teach you.
And at the end of it all…

You'll Also Receive Additional Support From One of Our TOP PRACTITIONERS...

As you can tell by now, I’m dedicated to this.

It’s my mission to change lives… and that’s why I want to make sure that you become the best possible practitioner… 

And another additional bonus I’ve added is … I’m paying some of my TOP PRACTITIONERS to support you… the ones who have gone through and excelled in the same program you’re about to take… to coach you along the way as well.
So that you get all the support you need in your journey to helping others heal deeply.
This bonus alone has helped our past students tremendously, and you’re getting it for FREE when you sign up for the certification program today. 

Here's What You'll Get:

After you put the work in, go through the entire training, do all the homework, then you'll get your certificate in the mail (like the photo below!)

This isn't just your dream, it's MY DREAM too...

My purpose here in this world is to spread LOVE and help others heal… 

I’ve been gifted with the specific “methodology” on how to do that – and now I want to pay it forward and teach it to as many people as I can.

That’s how I plan on changing the world – by teaching you how to do what I do.
My goal is to make sure I give you all the tools, support, and environment that ensures the best possible chance for you to succeed with this long-term.
…Because there are a lot of people out there who are suffering and are in deep pain… and are looking for a solution like this… and what an incredible gift for you to be able to join me in my mission to help those who are ready for it.

And at the end of the entire program, after you go through the training and completed all the homeworks and required practice hours, you’ll have an opportunity to apply for “licensure” where we will be able to feature you on our website so you can benefit from our marketing efforts!

My goal is to create more practitioners around the world - so people who are suffering and need help can be served on a deeper and more permanent level... and that's why I'm making the certification more affordable and giving everyone 50% OFF...

Everyone who’s been through the certification program knows the extreme value of this opportunity…
Considering that our live events typically cost anywhere from $3,500-$9,000+ per person to attend…and lives are forever changed after each event…
With this certification program, you’re getting…
– 4-month training program 
– Pre-recorded weekly Q&A sessions
– Accountability partner for better results
– Private FB community for motivation and connection 
– And more…
All of this is worth over $9,000 easily.
My focus is to get more practitioners all over the world, so I can create more deep and lasting change globally… and that’s why I’m keeping the enrollment fee so low for right now… so you can become a certified love and authenticity practitioner at an affordable price!
As you’ll see from the success stories below, it’s worth every single penny and more 🙂
And since there’s a lot of components in this program, and it requires a lot of “man-power” from my team – all sales are final. 
There’s no better feeling than when your head hits the pillow at night, and you look back at all the lives you’ve changed that day…
It’s pure joy.
Pure fulfillment.
Pure bliss knowing that you can help others get out of the pain and suffering that’s plagued them for a long time.
…And I want to share with you the tools and techniques on exactly how to do just that.
Join me, and let’s change the world together…

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Purpose Work, Become a Force For Good, and Change People's Lives Permanently?

This certification program can be completed completely remotely, hundreds of our students have done it this way and experienced massive shifts and are powerful coaches now.

However, if you would like to attend a live workshop to practice your skills in-person, receive extra lessons, and connect with coaches from around the world, you can purchase our all-inclusive 3-day live event package!

Remote Certification 16-Week Remote Certification Program

One Time Payment of $9,000


Remote and Live Certification 16-Week Remote Certification Program with Live In-Person Experience

One Time Payment of $11,000


Behind The Scenes of What You'll Experience

What Some Of Our Certified Practitioners Are Saying

“Mandy’s Love and Authenticity Practitioner Certification has been life-changing for me"

“Mandy’s Love and Authenticity Coaching Certification has been life-changing for me. I have learned so many amazing coaching methods and skills that I can use to serve as I move forward into my coaching business. The training was incredible because we got to see Mandy coach within our small group of trainees and to practice our own coaching under her guidance. In working with my co-trainees, I have connected with amazing people who have touched my life deeply and made me believe in myself as a coach. I know I have made life long friendships and sisterhoods during this training. If your heart feels called to apply for this coaching training, I highly recommend it.”

“This journey has been nothing short of AMAZING!!!"

“This journey has been nothing short of AMAZING!!! I was born with an innate desire to serve, help, rescue…..both animals and people. It is much easier to rescue animals. For the most part, they want and appreciate our help. People on the other hand are a whole different animal (no pun intended). 
This program has taught me one of the most important lessons that I could have ever learned in this life: “THEY” have to choose to change. It is not my responsibility to get someone to do anything. I can teach. I can guide. I can lead by example. I can give advice. I can be a support and a safe place. And, I can ooze love all over them. In the end though, it is up to them to choose the path that they want to take. And that is not my burden to bare. 
Boundaries have been key for my growth and self preservation. 
This program and this organization have taught me things that I never knew I didn’t know. And now, I have the ability to take those things and share them with others and help them to grow. I wake up every morning feeling blessed to be a part of all of this.”

“I'm feeling so excited about all the tools I have learned to serve people in their lives"

“The Program has been nothing but enriching for me on so many levels, learning about myself, healing parts of myself, sharing my deepest thoughts and emotions with complete ‘strangers’ who make you feel safe, who don’t judge you, who support you in your most vulnerable moments and love you through them… I’ve found a complete new family of people, of soul sisters who speak the same language..and it’s been a wonderful experience. Besides that I’m feeling so excited about all the tools I have learned to serve people in their lives and help them change things they’re struggling with, nothing is more rewarding to me. Mandy’s methods are grounded in science, psychology and intuition and are the most solid way to create change in your life and others.”


“This program has truly been exciting, fulfilling, and freeing"

“This program has truly been exciting, fulfilling, and freeing. It has been a blessing in my life and I have met some really fantastic people along the way that I LOVE to call my SOUL FAMILY! I am exhilarated by helping other release old programming, baggage, and beliefs and see them begin to SHINE like they were meant to their whole life! I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to get reconnected with my intuition, to other people, and to LIFE! Serving others in this capacity is a FEELING like no other! LOVE exudes from ME to others and I see/feel it shining back at me! What an absolute JOY! I look forward to each and every moment! I AM BACK … intuition pinging like crazy, just BEING ME, LOVING every minute, and filled with BLISS! Words cannot truly express how I really feel. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!”


“The best part is that every message and lesson is wrapped in love."

“Mandy’s Love and Authenticity Coaching Program has been everything that I have been waiting for and so much more. This program has not only taught me how to take charge of my life but has given me life long tools. It has provided me with amazing coaching methods that I can not only use on family and friends, but can create a thriving coaching business while serving humanity at its highest. The best part is that every message and lesson is wrapped in love. I am deeply honored to be a part of this wonderful and beautiful love and authenticity movement. If you’re heart is calling out for more and coaching is an interest, I highly recommend this program”


“Having the experience of accountability partners was crucial for me to gain confidence and practice"

“Having the experience of accountability partners was crucial for me to gain confidence and practice.
To be honest, I mostly did this for me, but now I feel how can I not share this this with everyone!! So much love, so many shifts… I used to wonder ‘how’ a lot- how can I make more money? Be abundant? How can I improve my relationships? How can I heal? How can I serve those around me even more? Etc .. if you are looking for the ‘how’ – you’ve found it in this course.”


“I have raised my own vibration immensely because coaching others is so rewarding"

“If you’re someone who feels empathy for others and wants to help them rise above their struggles, but you don’t know how or where to begin, you are in the right place! At the very least, the program will positively shift you personally, as well as your loved ones. You can make as much of it as your heart tells you! You can enrich your existing business or create a new revenue stream. I underwent surgery at the beginning of the coaching program and felt I had to get to a better place personally before I continued, and I discovered that coaching others proved to be the best medicine ever! I have raised my own vibration immensely because coaching others is so rewarding. I am so blessed to be a part of this program and to get to know the wonderful pure-hearted souls in this community. Everything you do creates a ripple effect and you can touch so many lives with the knowledge you will gain.”


Frequently Asked Questions

So the way it works is this.

The whole certification is done virtually.

The teaching, the coaching, everything is done on a week to week basis.

It is where my team will be sharing with you “what’s working now”… show you our methods in action during a few hot seats, and answer some of your questions live and in person.

And if you can’t do these dates, don’t let that stop you from joining because we’ve recorded the “best of the best” from all our previous events, and as a remote certification participant, you will be receiving select lectures recorded from our live/virtual events.

Either way… you will get all the training – and learn the entire methodology virtually.

You will get training on a weekly basis – and you will also get homework during that time as well.

You will be a part of a private Facebook group where you can post questions and also be a part of a community of like-minded people who want to help other people like you do!

The first 9 weeks will be all about you.

After that, we go into 7 weeks of learning the actual techniques and tools to shift and help other people.

During that time, you’ll get to do homework… be assigned an accountability partner so you can practice… and we will be able to review your results as well from your homework.

On top of that, you’ll get pre-recorded Q&A sessions on a weekly basis, where I answer most of the common questions people asked in the past… .

That’s why we have 9 weeks where we focus on YOU first. So we can remove all the limiting beliefs, fears, and blocks that are WITHIN you. After that, I’ll share the exact methodology, steps, and techniques so you know what to do in any given situation to get the shift and transformation for others. All that combined, will make you ready…. So it’s normal to “not” feel ready… the program is designed to get you ready.
If you have 2-3 hours per week you can set aside for this, then you should be good to go… And the best part is you have access to the entire program FOR LIFE, so you can review the program over and over again even after you graduate and receive your certificate! So if you are ready to learn the skills to help people, and change lives, we have spots left!

Remote Certification 16-Week Remote Certification Program

One Time Payment of $9,000


Remote and Live Certification 16-Week Remote Certification Program with Live In-Person Experience

One Time Payment of $11,000


And in case no one has told you today,

I love you!

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