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You’re getting this message because you signed up for my “3 Days to Manifest” event and I Just wanted to take a moment to say… I APPRECIATE YOU 🙂

I appreciate you for being part of our community and our paths crossed… and I am grateful that you took time out of your day to check out my stuff… I really do.

A big part of my purpose work is to help elevate humanity – free them from unnecessary stress and pain… and then give them the tools they can use to start living an amazing life filled with joy, laughter, abundance, purpose, peace of mind, love, and all that life has to offer…

That’s why we created our “30-day program” series.. 30 days to manifest what you want… 30 days to accelerate abundance to your life… 30 days to mastering your energy… etc…

And over the last few days, I’ve received a lot of messages from people asking for cheaper programs vs the ones we had during the event…

So today, as a way of saying “I appreciate you” for joining my “Manifesting” event, 

I’m giving you 30% OFF our most popular programs until midnight tonight.

So keep reading if you’re interested…

Option #1: You can get 30% off each of our 30-day programs.


Option #2: You can get all our programs, along with group healing sessions, coaching sessions, and lots of powerful training if you decide to join our Soul Family community.


Option #3: Meet Me LIVE in Florida on November 11.

So let’s go over the options shall we?

Option #1: You can get 30% off each of our programs.

Authentic Creation: This is my signature program for manifesting. This helps further remove the mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that are lowering your vibration. You get a video a day for 30 days. Check it out here now

Authentic Energy: This is Oliver’s (The spiritual activator) 30-day program – which will help you dive deeper into the world of energy so you can learn how to further protect, clear, and raise your energy. Check it out here

Option #2: You can get all our programs in option 1 (even the ones not currently released to the public), along with group healing sessions, coaching sessions, lots of powerful training, and a once-in-a lifetime discount, if you decide to join our Soul Family community.

Soul Family is currently CLOSED to the public, but for our 3-Day Manifesting participants, this offer will be open for the next 48 hours….

Learn more about our soul family here

Option #3: Meet Me LIVE in Florida and Let’s Manifest Together on November 11. Early bird pricing ends midnight tonight, and the price almost doubles after that.

Learn More About Meeting Me LIVE in Florida

And in case no one has told you today,
I love you


P.S. If you enjoyed Oliver’s presentation (The Spiritual Activator), and you’d like to learn more advanced techniques for protecting, clearing, and unblocking your energy, then grab his new upcoming book 5 Steps to Clearing, Unblocking, and Protecting Your Energy to Attract More Love, Joy, and Purpose. Get it here

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