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STEP 1: Mark Your Calendar

Click the button below to add the event to your calendar. Mark an appointment with your future self. Save it in your calendar, plaster it on your fridge with a bright sticky note, or set an alert on your phone or laptop. Do whatever you need to do to free up these 3 days. Your journey to become the best version of yourself won’t wait!

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STEP 2: Join the Private Facebook Group

Want to play full out during this experience, the Facebook group is where you need to be. There you can get the latest updates and enjoy the support of our incredible community.

And once you join, post a video inside the Facebook group to tell the community who you are, why you’re here and what you hope to gain from this amazing experience. 

STEP 3: Get Important Event Updates

We’ll be communicating important summit details through the free Telegram app. If we have any changes or need to get you some important detail instantly this will be the first place we send it. Download the free app and join our Event Channel!

STEP 4:  Grab My New Book, The Promise and Get a 1-Day Discover The Promise Virtual Experience (valued at $1,997) for FREE


Take advantage of this special offer! With your order of my new book, ‘The Promise’, you’ll gain complimentary access to the ‘1-Day Discover The Promise Virtual Experience’ on Sunday, April 28, 2024, valued at $1,997. Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your journey at no additional cost.

STEP 5: Last Chance to Upgrade Your Experience and Add a 1-Day Healing Day Experience (Worth $997)

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Enhance your event experience by adding a 1-day healing day happening on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, designed for deeper immersion and to help you incorporate your learnings into everyday life.

STEP 6: Download Event Workbook (75-Page FREE Content)

Dive into our comprehensive 75-page workbook, tailor-made to enrich your 3-day event journey. Packed with interactive worksheets, exercises, inspirational quotes, and key takeaways, this workbook is your go-to guide. Keep it handy during the event for an enhanced and interactive experience!

STEP 7: Access My 8-Day Manifesting Challenge (4+ hours of FREE Content)

Included in your order, this exclusive bonus features over 4 hours of in-depth content across 8 videos. I’ll be sharing powerful manifesting secrets to help you gear up for the 3 Day to Raise Your Vibration Event. Don’t miss out on these transformative insights!


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