About Us

We live in a world that is calling us into a search for authenticity, a quest for balance. In our jobs, we are searching for meaning as much as money. In our relationships, we are asking for spiritual and emotional connections, not just the physical presence of another. In our families, we are looking for ways to grow happily and love deeply. In our finances, we want to spend our money mindfully, achieving abundance and moving beyond greed. In our world, we want to live in harmony with the environment. In our daily lives, we are looking for ways we can make a difference. Spiritually, we are looking for that which resonates at a soul level. In our hearts, we are looking for our essence: what makes us unique and what it is that we hold in common with others.

We are redefining what success means, moving away from traditional standards of work and money toward a more soulful life focused on personal fulfillment, social conscience, and creating the chance for a better future for everyone on the planet.

Make the most out of every day. Authentic Living encourages you to create an authentic life – one you can live to the fullest.

  • Here you will find stories of real people who have created lives of passion and fulfillment.
  • Authentic Living offers a voice to men as well as women who dare to be happy. We offer concrete, just-in-time tools for successful living. We offer a workbook, essentially, to authenticity.
  • Meet people just like you who look forward to going to work; we encourage you to create a career that is more than just a dream, but a dream-come-true.
  • Turn your home into a welcoming sanctuary of satisfaction and comfort; a home you want to live in, not just look at.
  • Move toward a rewarding life of abundance. We offer you practical tips to find your own financial freedom and have a healthier relationship with money.
  • Live lightly on the planet, presenting environmental solutions that can impact your everyday life.
  • Make healthy choices for your body, because a solid physical foundation is the first step to vitality.
  • Your relationships can work! Whether it is with friends, with family, or with a partnership, you can learn about building and thriving in a committed relationship.
  • Tap into an essential spirituality — one that is subtle, not dogmatic. And always grounded in how it can be applied to your daily life.